When a sport has the name of the “Sport of Kings” you know that it must be doing something right. Whether you like horse racing for the nobility of the sport or you take a keen interest in racing betting online, there is a lot to love and enjoy about this activity. With horse races taking place all around the world at all times of day, there is always a good time to place a bet and the wide range of betting options should see you well placed to develop a keen interest in any race.

Types of betting on horse racing

If you are new to the world of horse racing but would like to develop your knowledge, you will be keen to find out about the different sort of bets available. The most obvious bet, even for racing betting online options, when it comes to horse racing is for a horse to win the race, commonly referred to as a “win” or a straight bet. There is also an each way bet available where your horse doesn’t have to win the race to earn you a financial return, it only has to be placed in the top 3 or, depending on the bet, places.

There are also plenty of accumulator bets available in the horse racing industry where you can combine individual bets into one big bet. These accumulator bets are only successful if all of the individual bets are successful but the rewards for correctly predicting the outcomes make this style of bet a tantalising one for many horse racing fans. When betting online, the full sums that can be achieved with a successful bet will be clearly stated so you may experience a lot of tension and drama during the races when you think about how much money you could win or lose.

The advent of live betting (www.inplaybetting.com has more info on live betting) is also available on some sites for some horse races, which provides an added dimension for horse racing betting fans.

Horse racing and beyond

Given that there are many different types of racing to choose from when betting, knowing your full range of options can help to provide you with all of the betting opportunities you could ever want or need.

Horse racing will always be the number one choice when it comes to betting online. The sport is watched by huge audiences all over the world and the global marketplace for horse racing is one of the most vibrant and exciting you are likely to find. Make horse racing the sport you start off with and the rest of the racing bet activities will follow on in a natural and understandable fashion.

It would be fair to suggest that harness racing sits in the shadow of horse racing and the horse racing industry as a whole but it does have a great number of fans. If you hold interest in harness racing or want to find out more about betting opportunities, live odds, tips, news and upcoming events, you don’t have to look too far for support.

If you enjoy horse racing but would like to experience a little bit more power and pace in your racing entertainment, motor racing is the natural choice. The motor racing industry allows bets on F1, Moto GP events, the Super Bike Season and so much more. While every motor racing discipline has its own followers and fans, there is a collective community that cannot get enough of these high octane sports and who love all betting opportunities.

Another racing activity that has a great number of fans is cycling. With the Tour De France, Olympic events and all other forms of cycling tournaments, there are plenty of races to enjoy a lot of races to bet on too.

Finally, you may have a preference for greyhound racing. This sport has remained popular in the United Kingdom and again, there are plenty of betting opportunities that can be taken with greyhound racing. If you enjoy racing betting online opportunities, you should find that the same sites provide greyhound betting opportunities too, making it easy to place the bets that you want on the sports you enjoy the most.

Global betting opportunities

No matter what country, time-zone or continent you are in, there is major horse racing events taking place near you. However, you don’t have to be close to an actual horse racing event to place a bet thanks to the emergence of online betting. Horse racing fans in the US or the United Kingdom are just as likely to place a bet on the Melbourne Cup as an Australian is. This has ensured that the online market for horse racing is huge and with massive events like the Melbourne Gold Cup, regarded as being the two-mile race with the most money at stake or the Grand National, watched by more than 500 million people each year, there is a world-wide interest in horse racing.

Horse racing is a fascinating sport and a great one to bet on. No matter where or when your race is taking place, there will be horse racing betting online opportunities to choose from. If you love racing, increase the excitement by placing a bet.

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