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The Kentucky Derby, apart from being one of the world’s top horse racing events, is also a center of attraction for horse racing bettors for it is a group 1 race hosting the world’s top class thoroughbred horses, which makes Kentucky Derby betting as exciting and rewarding as betting on horse racing can get.

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Betting on the Kentucky Derby
Every year, a few months prior to the Kentucky Derby, the horse racing betting community sets itself in high motion as it prepares for Kentucky Derby betting engaging. It is done by analyzing the future race in terms of the horses which are aimed at running the race, their form, past performance, ability on conditions and teamed up jockey, as well as the trainers’ reputation and the horse’s abilities in comparison with other runners in the race. Since almost all of Kentucky Derby contenders are group 1 horses with an astonishing winning rate and proven on course agility and stamina, determining the likely Kentucky Derby winner is as difficult as handicapping can get. Going all the way with Kentucky Derby betting requires a bettor to have some knowledge regarding the horses running the race, acquaintance with the Churchill Downs track’s features and a hint of intuition, or the whole experience of Kentucky Derby betting might turn sour as the bettor realizes he’d approached the field of Kentucky Derby betting unprepared.

The Fuss over the Kentucky Derby

Not only plain bettors deal with Kentucky Derby betting. Many horse racing commentators and betting sites prepare months in advance to be able to support any Kentucky Derby betting activity, supplying bettors with race and horses analysis, betting

Kentucky Derby Race

forecasts, results forecast and ante post odds and tips. There is a well known phenomenon of tension dropping greatly once the race is done and all Kentucky Derby betting activity is seized, as the bettors and commentators find themselves lacking the excitement and the sense of striving towards a certain goal which have accompanied them during the months preceding the race. The day of the race is the pick of everything which went on prior to the race, when 150,000 spectators gather at the Churchill Downs racecourse to witness “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” along with millions which clutch to their TV screens, hoping to get a glimpse of the excitement. As the race marks the end of the Kentucky Festival, there is no doubt how thrilling the events itself is, and how even more thrilling and exciting is betting on the Kentucky Derby.