Tour De France

The world’s most known bicycle race event. Takes place once a year in several areas of France. The race winners are determined by points and other classification during the race and they receive colored jerseys upon leading these classifications at the end of each Tour De Francesegment of the race. Lance Armstrong won the tour de France 7 times in a row which makes him the cyclist with the most wins at such events.
The classifications for the Tour de France leaders are:

Overall Leader (Yello Jersey) – declared as such after calculating the total combined race time up to that point for each rider. The rider with the lowest total time is the leader, and at the end of the event is declared the overall winner of the Tour.

Points classification – The Green Jersey is awarded for sprint points. At the end of each stage, points are earned by the riders who finish first, second, etc. Points are higher for flat stages, as sprints are more likely, and less for mountain stages, where climbers usually win.

King of the mountains – The White Jersey with red dots (Polka dot Jersey) is awarded to the rider with the most points awarded to the first riders at the top of designated hills and mountains, the greatest number of points being awarded for the hardest ascents

Other Classifications – The white Jersey is given to the youngest rider (less than 25 years of age at the time of the race), and Team prize for best three riders of the day.

Tour de France is also popular among sport books who use its popularity and media coverage in favor of recruiting new gamblers by offering good odds to cyclists during the races.

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