Formula One Racing

Formula one is the fastest car racing sports in the world. The formula 1 cars race in speeds up to 360 km/h (225 mph).

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Formula One - Motor Sport Number One

Formula one is the highest class single seater auto racing you can find the most exciting one and the most popular among the motor racing fans. The formula one racings are taking place on propose built circuits and called the Grand Prix, but also on public roads around the world. Talking about money, the Formula one racing is the highest in the industry, the most profitable motor sport for most parties which are involved in it. TV channels makes profit from broadcasting the races and sponsorship the sport, the teams get a slice of this money, together with money from the advertisers and logo’s. the drivers and the people on the team are well paid and the better, the Formula one betting fans, are the most benefit ones with great sport to bet on.

Formula is a set of rules to which all the drivers in the race must obey. The world championship consists of a series of races known as the Grands Prix held in closed city streets such as Monaco and Monte Carlo which are the most famous locations. Can you think on more amazing sport than the Formula One Racing season ?

The heart of the Formula One Racing sport are the teams. They invest all the money in order to build the best car and in order to practivce the best driver. Among these teams you will find:

(All information related to 2010)

  • Red Bull – based in Milton Keynes, UK, Red Bull team still haven’t won any world championship in the Formula One racing with drivers like Vettel and Webber, they are planning to do so very soon. With Renault RS27-2010 enginer in the car and Bridgestone Potenza tires, Red Bull is the team of the future.
  • McLaren – Led by Martin Whitmarsh and top drivers Button and Hamilton, Mclaren is one of the most interested teams in the tour. Already 8 World Championships and the history is still to come. The powerful Mercedes-Benz FO 108X engine allows MacLaren to go for the title each and every year.
  • Ferrari – Massa and Alonso are the top drivers for Ferrari team, together with the Ferrari 056 engine, this team is ganing more and mroe power in the Formula 1 racing courses.
  • Merceded GP – located in Brackley, UK and led by Ross Brawn, Merceded team is the own to lead the way to the Formula one racing sport. With Mr Schumacher on the wheel and Mercedes-Benz engine, its time to take the first championship already.
  • Renault
  • Force India
  • Williams
  • BMW Sauber
  • Toro Rosso
  • Lotus
  • HRT
  • Virgin

The world champion is determined based on two annual world championships, The races usually take place in Europe although there are F1 races world wide. Most race drivers come from the UK. Due to the rising popularity of the formula 1 races, they are constantly broadcast in the various TV sports channels so you can always catch a glimpse at the races. The races are sponsored by various sponsors and Constructors’ teams. Around the world, the Formula One Racing is the most existing thing you can follow, together with soccer and online poker, the popularity of this sport is raising.

The race begins with a warm-up formation lap, after which the cars assemble on the starting grid in the order they qualified. ( this is true for all circuit and open road Formula 1 Racing ) If a driver stalls before the parade lap and the rest of the field pass him, then he must start from the back of the grid. If he manages to drive off and at least one car is behind him, he is permitted to retake his original position. A racer may also elect to start from pit-lane if he has any last minute problems with the car. If they choose to do this, they must wait for all cars to pass pit-lane before they may begin the Formula One Racing.

Motor Racing Flags

The race is based on a points system where the driver with most points (10) is the winner of the race.

Michael Schumacher and the team of Ferrari won five consecutive Formula 1 races. Schumacher retired at 2006 from racing.
Formula 1 Racing and Nascar Racing are the 2 most popular car racing events world wide and are very popular in sports betting. Some other Formula 1 Racing, top drivers are: Lewis Hamilton, Robert Kubica,  Sebastian Vettel, Felipe Massa, Jenson Button and others.