Racing Betting Tips

Some of the best racing betting tips available do not include those that you’ll get from an “insider”, but are instead based on things you do independently. What does that mean? Well, one of the strongest racing betting tips is to gather information about the sport into a sort of system. Rather than waiting to see what the “odds” on any horse or vehicle are going to be, you can determine them for yourself by simply gathering all of the appropriate data into a single place.

If you look at the statistics and odds provided by bookmakers, you will see that these are based on a range of facts and details that you have access to as well. For instance, you could use the Internet to gather such things as workout results, latest race results, information about team or individual performance, etc. You could then do exactly the same things with this information as the professionals do – put it into a spreadsheet that lets you compare details.

When you run a comparison between horses or individual riders, it lets you create versions of the same odds and statistics that the bookmakers use to extend their offers to the public. This means that one of the racing betting tips is to eliminate the proverbial middle man and create your own odds instead.

You will find that once you begin gathering the data and improving the general details that emerge from any comparisons, the odds that you determine are going to usually be fairly close to those offered by the professionals. You can then begin using your statistics to decide which of the bookmaking sites to use for your strongest bets and wagers. It will not be long before your research and reports are generating the kinds of impressive results desired!