Horse Racing Betting

Horse race betting is one of the most popular sports for betting now days. It is ever so popular since its legal and common world wide, but especially in the USA, Britain and Australia. Sports books are aware of the fact that this sport is so popular and that is why they compete on giving the best odds for horses in the different race tracks.

The main object of horse racing betting is to beat the Oddsmakers, also known as the Odds Compilers and win the specific race to make some money. In addition, when a horse racing fan is placing a bet on his favorite horse in the chosen event, it makes the race itself, much more exciting and much more interesting. This info is related to all united states based horse racing betting sites and European ones.

Bet on the outcome of any horse race with Racing Betting Online

Horse Racing Betting

All wagers are securely commingled into some major host track betting pools, and all your winning wagers will be paid at full track odds. New members, as the old ones, will enjoy allthe additional information and help, in order to place the best bet, this includes free picks, live audio, multiple-sized live video screens,  race calls, free interviews and more.

The betting is done through Sports books, for the United States horse racing fans, and Book makers, for the people in the UK region. Like the endless books on betting on harness racing, you can find books and information about the different types of the horse racing betting.

Horse race betting types are similar to the ones of the other sport betting and in particular to the ones of the harness racing betting or the greyhound racing betting which are less popular than the original horse race betting.

These are the types of bets available for horse race betting:

Win – Bet on the horse to finish first in the race.
Place – Bet on the horse to finish first or second.
Show – Bet on the horse to finish first second or third.
Daily Double – Bet on two horses to win at 2 consecutive races.
Exacta – Bet on the first two winners of a race in the exact order.
Trifecta – Bet on the first three winners of a race in the exact order.
Superfecta – Bet on the first four winners of a race in the exact order.

Of course the odds for every horse may vary between sports books and they depend on the horse and jockey popularity and other factors such as whether the horse won races before, the different classes of the horses and so on. Check he different united states based horse racing betting sites Racingbettingonline offered. Racing Betting Online can answers for all your needs, like how is the favorite horse chosen in racing, where to place the best Horse racing bets, how to place the top odds bets and more.

We at Racing Betting Online recommend to take a look at our Horse Racing Betting Tips before making any wager on any horse. Our tips are based on statistics and current information. In addition we recommend several sports books who give the best odds for horse race betting. You can find these sports books in our Sportsbook section.