Melbourne Cup Results

Anyone who wants to make wagers on the upcoming Melbourne Cup will want to check out the Melbourne Cup results from the previous years. This is because the results from the race are still going to be quite relevant in terms of how useful they are in helping to make a strong wager.

How can the previous year’s Melbourne Cup results be of use in this year’s wagering? The Cup consists of four different days of racing, with a range of different races run each of the days. The horses that competed in the previous year tend to reappear, at least a portion of them anyway, in the current season. For instance, if there were twenty different horses, it is likely that more than half of them are going to be competing again.

So, you can take the Melbourne Cup results from the previous year to use as the “base” for your own wagering system. You can then obtain the statistics and results of the current year leading up to this running of the Cup. This is going to let you create the most realistic “portrait” of each horse, and it is this image that will allow you to create the chances for a winning wager.

Consider that a horse that did not do so well in the previous Cup was still good enough to make it to the Cup in the first place, and if they have done very well in the current year, it makes it easy to see that they may be a serious contender. You can then look at the odds being offered by all of the different bookmakers to see if any of their statistics or odds match up with your findings. When you do see one with good odds check to see if they are guaranteed to be the best, and if so, make your wager!