Sport Betting Line

Do you understand how to read a sport betting line? This is the most common way that a sport betting site or agent offers wagers. It is usually written using a “plus” or “minus” sign in front of a figure. That figure translates to two different things depending upon the sign in front of it.

For example, let’s say that you wanted to place a wager on an NFL game. The two teams competing in the game are the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins. In this game only one team is going to be the “favorite”, which means the one predicted to take the win. The other team is going to be known as the “underdog”, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot place a wager on that team.

If you headed to your preferred bookmaker or betting website, you would see that the sport betting line clearly indicated the underdog and the favorite through the use of the plus and minus signs. For this example, we’ll say that the Cowboys are the favorite, which means that you would see a minus sign in front of the number. In this example, the sport betting line would be a -160. The Dolphins would then have a plus sign and number indicating their status as the underdog. For this example we’ll say +150.

This means that a player would have to put down $160 to take $100 on a win by the Cowboys. They would have to wager $100 to win $150 on the Dolphins. If the wager on the Cowboys was a success, the player would get back the $160 in addition to the profits. The player wagering on the Dolphins would also get back their initial $100 wager plus their winnings as well.

Which is the right way to bet? It all depends upon the statistics connected to the players or teams involved. The most recommended betting sites usually provide a lot of information to help players make the strongest wagers possible.