Indy Car Betting

IndyCar is an open wheel car which participated in the Indianapolis 500 Mile race in the past and today in the American Championship Car Racing. Betting on Indycar racing is the same as Nascar Betting and Formula 1 Betting Indycar racing is most common in the US but recently expended into Japan and other parts of the world. Most action in IndyCar betting is focused on the more popular Indy 500 race, however there are 15 other races that can be found in the betting schedule.

Bet On Indy Races Now

For many online betting players, the Indianapolis 500 is the number one crown jewels of all motor sports out there, more than the Formula One Betting and Nascar Betting lines. Among these betting players, you can easily find the best players in the motor sports markets and the most loyal ones. For each of the races, the winner will be the driver and its team that is long overdue and most professional in the races, IndyCars and Indy 500 are not easy to drive for.

Several types of wagers available while betting on IndyCar racing:

1.    Odds to win the race – This is the most common wager on IndyCar race in which the player selects the driver which he believes will win the race. When betting you will need to call the amount you are willing to risk and the amount you plan to win. The percentages of the difference are the break even point which determines how many times the winning picked driver has to win the race in order for the player to win the amount he chose to win. The more you risk, the more you win and vice a versa.

2.    Race/Qualifying matchup bets – a bet on one driver against another driver to finish in a better position in a chosen race. In this case the player needs to choose the amount he is willing to risk and bet according to the published odds of each driver per each race. You should follow the tips before betting on this one as the tips are based on statistics.

3.    Top finishing driver (pod betting) – You can choose a group of driver by a manufacturer based on the published odds and place a wager as to the driver finishing at the top. The less chances of a driver, the less odds you have to win, but if you do win, you will make more money on this bet. The driver chosen from the list of drivers to win has to rank higher than the other drivers on the table of drivers (meaning he has to eliminate the other drivers).

4.    Manufacturer to win the race – based on the published table of odds, the manufacturers are ranked and the player can choose the manufacturer he/she believes to win the game. Some manufacturers are better than others and do better in different tracks and roads / seasons. Be attentive to the tips as they might teach you lessons from the past.

5.    Manufacturer Exacta wagering – The manufacturer which will have the first and second race by order. Meaning the player has to wager on the first and second places to win the game. It is called Exacta as the player needs to guess “Exactly” the result of the race.

Indy Car betting recently become less and less popular due to the abandoning of drivers from IndyCar in favor of Nascar.