Giro d’Italia

The Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) is one of the oldest bike races in the world. The meet takes place over a number of cities within Italy and takes place over a two week period between May and June. The tour has become a big pull with cycling enthusiasts from all over the world and now Giro d’Italia betting has started to integrate into many of the major online bookmakers.

Giro d'Italia BettingWhist the Giro d’Italia doesn’t get the exposure from bookmakers that say the Tour de France does or the Olympics, the sport still holds a fair amount of pulling power for punters. We all know that if the punters want to bet on something, then the bookmakers will make sure that markets such as the Giro d’Italia betting markets are on hand.

As it’s not the biggest cycling tour, it often makes it tough to find reputable bookmakers willing to promote large market coverage. Many will offer the outright winners market but few actually delve into the depths of the tour to cover smaller markets such as stage winners and different classification winners.

As cycling continues to increase in the online betting industry, you can expect that more bookmakers, over time, will increase the exposure of markets such as the Giro d’Italia. With the tour becoming more readily available on satellite television, you would think this is likely to happen.

William Hill, simply the best?

William Hill are one of, if not the, oldest bookmaker in the world. It’s easy to see why they have done so well over the years, and it’s the inclusion of markets such as cycling to why this has happened.

The best thing about their Giro d’Italia markets is the number of markets on offer. A lot of betting sites these days are including outright winner markets, but few include markets such as individual specials, stage winners, dual forecasts, straight forecasts and even live betting once the event starts.

Unibet crowned with the Yellow Jersey

After what we thought couldn’t be beaten from William Hill, we were once again blown away by one of the fastest growing online bookmakers in Unibet. They might just have won the crown for the best cycling bookmaker in the world, and it’s their inclusion of markets such as the Giro d’Italia betting markets that have won them such high praise.

There is no other site that covers the array of cycling betting markets that Unibet does. Pretty much every major meeting in Europe is covered to go alongside a wealth of competitions from the US and even Asia. Not only that, but their market coverage will be the envy of some of the biggest bookmakers, with specials stages and live betting all on offer.

Betfair deliver once again

Betfair are probably the biggest bookmaker in the world; we think that’s fair to say. Few even get close to the market coverage they provide and the inclusion of cycling has been one of their many success stories.

Admittedly they don’t cover Giro d’Italia betting like the two bookmakers above, but they do provide an outright winners market with, as ever, some of the most competitive odds in the industry.