Betting on Nascar

Betting on Nascar includes possible betting on three different series of racing sanctioned by Nascar: Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series, each have its own way of unfolding results and speculations as the seasons progress. A good Nascar Racinglook at the sportsbooks betting on Nascar odds publications, gives a clear view of the betting possibilities that stand before the potential better.

Betting on Nascar is similar to almost every auto racing betting in terms of racing odds, betting options and drivers performance in certain races and throughout the season. A bettor must be aware of all aspects of the race if a proper betting on Nascar activity is desired.

Betting on Nascar race winner is the most common form of betting in Nascar as it is in all other auto racing betting. There are usually 3 strong drivers that lead the charts, though the tables can turn at anytime, and these drivers make the most sensible bet placing. It is recommended to stick to one driver and keep betting on him until you realize whether or not he makes a good bet.

Moving around from driver to driver might be proven a bad strategy as drivers are not machines and present different abilities every race. A worst case scenario of betting on drivers in rotation and failing to nail the right driver is not an imaginary outcome and actually happened to a lot of bettors betting on Nascar. Betting on one driver and changing bet when it is clear that this driver is no longer lucrative for the bettor, is the way for going about betting on Nascar race winner.

Betting on Nascar race statistics such as the fastest lap, the highest number of laps lead by a driver and match up bets are also betting on Nascar possibilities available for the bettors and can, under the right analysis and betting discipline generate a respectful revenue.

Betting on Nascar championship holds the option of choosing the seasons’ winner in three different categories:

1. Driver championship also know as chase for the championship

2. Team owner championship

3. Manufacturers championship.

( All categories are available on the Racing Betting Online, together with Motor Racing information )

All championships are point scoring systems that determine the highest point score holder as champion at the end of the racing season. If a bettor wants to choose the winning driver he must look into his history of performance, race performance and qualifying statistics and figure out the driver’s chances of winning the season. A balance between high odds and a possible win should be applied in all betting.

Betting on Nascar team owner championship comes hand in hand with betting on Nascar driver championship for the driver that wins most of the races, awards his team owner with valuable points critical for the win. There is a strong significance among the different teams when there are clearly strong teams and weak teams when the strong teams are small in number compared to the weak teams.

Betting on Nascar manufacturers championship is the least prestigious championship of all and is usually used by the manufacturers for PR and marketing purposes.