Dog Racing Betting

Have you ever done any dog racing betting? If not, you should know that it is quite similar to horse racing betting with the main difference being that wagering options are far less “expansive”. The races are known for the Greyhound Racing and popular in many European countries.

What does that mean? Well, at any betting website or betting agency you will find that you can place the traditional “straight” or “to win” wager that means you are selecting a single dog to win the race, and accepting the odds offered by the betting site. There will also be the popular “to place” and “to show” wagers as well. These are types of dog racing betting that pay if the single dog selected should come in second or third respectively.

There are also the “exacta”, “trifecta” and “superfecta” wagers available as well. The exacta wagers allow you to use any knowledge you might have about the various dogs and tracks to guess which will come in first and second in a particular race. The trifecta wagers let you place a bet on the first, second, and third place dogs and you will again have to select them in the exact order that they finish. The superfecta bets include the top four finishers too.

There is also another type of dog racing betting known as the “box” bet and this lets you select the same sort of terms as the exacta, trifecta, and superfecta wagers, but you are allowed to take a prize if you don’t get the order that they finish correctly. This one is similar to certain Horse Racing Betting options.

The thing about these different wagers is that they will all come with different odds and payments. The more flexibility you want for yourself in the wager, the lower the returns. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make a wager if the returns aren’t enormous, and this is because all of the wagering options really allow you to profit from even a scant amount of knowledge.