Cycling Betting

Cycling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Whilst the sport has always been popular, over the last decade it has risen to new heights with the elite of the sport earning superstar status. On the back of the success of the sport has been the increase in cycling betting.

Cycling BettingBookmakers are often very shrewd folk, and when a sport is starting to show big sings of popularity, they often increase their market size for that sport. Cycling is no different, and the increased exposure cycling betting now gets within the industry says all you need to know about how popular it has become.

The biggest events to bet on come for the Grand Tour. The Grand Tour consists of three of the major European races in the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and VueltaaEspana. The betting varies for each event, with the Tour de France getting the most exposure as it’s generally the most prestigious with the largest following. The other two get decent numbers from the bookmakers, but lack somewhat behind the Tour de France mainly down to exposure of each tour on television.

On top of that you have meeting such as the Olympics which include both road races and a series of track races within a velodrome. These go hand in hand with the betting power that Olympics produces and is another reason why the sport has become a popular hangout for punters around the globe.

Cycling Betting with Ladbrokes Ladbrokes Cycling Exposure

Ladbrokes is well known as one of the biggest bookmakers in the world. It will come as little surprise to hear that they cover a sport such as cycling. What may surprise you is the coverage the sport gets from their site.

Not only is the Grand Tour represented, but a wealth of tours from around the world including continents such as Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. What’s great about the Ladbrokes section is inclusion of any news pieces from their betting blog relating to that market. The blog is often updated with articles from past riders and industry experts making it an excellent resource, especially for people with little knowledge of the sport.

PaddyPower; Limited, yet concise

PaddyPower has been one of Ireland’s biggest online bookmakers for a number of years now. It may be surprising that a company the size of PaddyPower were a little late on the band wagon when it comes to cycling betting. But this has all been addressed and they now boast a reasonable cycling section.

You may not get the markets of say Ladbrokes or other leading bookmakers, but they do provide odds for major meets, more specifically the Grand Tour events. Having said that, over the course of the 2012 London Olympics, they were one of the best betting sites going for market coverage; with cycling playing a major part in that.

Betfred users will get an easy ride from their cycling betting

Betfred are another one of the ‘bigger boys’ in the industry who have recently turned their hand to cycling betting. We say recently, but they have actually promoted cycling for years, just recently it’s gotten to a point where it can be taken seriously.

They provide a good array of ante-post markets on cycling events, but it’s very obvious that the site really comes into its own when events such as the Tour de France start to come around. Many markets even turn