Melbourne Cup Betting

When you do any Melbourne Cup betting you are actually making wagers on four different days of racing. During these days, the odds can change dramatically if an animal does not perform as anticipated. Consider that the horse who was expected to show poorly, but who has been stunning the crowds, will have their odds decreased as the biggest races approach.

If you want to get the most out of your Melbourne Cup betting, it means that you may have to find a way to anticipate this sort of shift in the statistics. You can do this through a bit of research.

What kind of research? Often, the best sites for making Melbourne Cup betting wagers will also provide you with things like race results and information about workouts. It is the latter bit of data that is often a key to success. If you see that the horse has been doing well in the races, but not winning a lot, but is also doing very well in workouts, it pays to be able to compare them against the favored horses.

Often, a side by side comparison will reveal if a horse is likely to do well over a longer or shorter course, in certain types of conditions, and in a certain position on the track. Your data is going to point out the times when an animal may make a surprising finish or performance.

If you do happen to identify such an animal, go ahead and place an early bet on it before the race day comes. Your bookmaker is going to be “locked into” such a financially lucrative wager for you, and your time spent doing that research will be extremely well rewarded. If you don’t make the wager in time to enjoy the greatest benefits, your research will still tell you that the horse is a good choice.