Greyhound Racing

The sport of “coursing” is where modern greyhound racing finds its origins. This was a form of entertainment which pitted an animal’s senses against well-matched prey in order to see how quickly it would be captured. This translated easily to a running course with a “lure”, and this is how modern greyhound racing is still conducted.  Greyhound Racing

It is an activity which occurs in many parts of the world, but it is particularly popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Mexico and China – among a handful of other countries. In these locations, Greyhound Racing is a sport and a major component of the betting industry. It is usually categorized quite closely to regular horse racing, and tends to use the same wagering formats.

Greyhound is a popular betting sport in the US, Greyhound Racing wagers, are referred to as Pari-Mutuel. The meaning, just like horse racing wager is to wager ourselves. The Greyhound Racing Betting is against other betting player and not against the track. Since its so popular in the US, the online Greyhound Racing Betting agencies are free to join and operates more than 40 Greyhound racing tracks in 12 different states. In the UK for example, there are 32 tracks, not including the Ireland ones.

For example, a wager might include a “to win” bet that puts a single wager against a single dog. There might also be the “to place” bets that mean the individual gets a return if their dog finishes either first or second. There is the “to show” wager which pays if a first through third position is achieved too. Just like in horse betting, those who want to wager on a Greyhound might also do an “across the board” wager which covers all of the wagers just previously described.

Different tracks and bookmakers also have a few other ways of making a wager, but these can vary quite widely from place to place. Generally, it is quite common to see combination bets; perfect, trifecta and superfecta wagers; daily doubles; and pick three or pick six options.

Does it pay to do a bit of preliminary research before making a wager on a particular greyhound? That is a difficult question to answer because there are many more animals entering into competition on a regular basis. There are certainly statistics that can help the individual make a good choice, and these should be consulted when available.