USA Horse Race Tracks

Unlike the United Kingdom, the USA Horse Race Tracks are limited to a very specific set of activities. For example, there are no official steeple chasing or point to point sites, and instead, the tracks are dominated by harness and thoroughbred racing. Horse Race Tracks in the US

There are USA Horse Race Tracks spread all throughout the country, but the most important tracks include such locations as Saratoga, Pimlico, Churchill Downs, Belmont Park, and several others. These tracks don’t just see the running of thoroughbreds, however,

because horse racing in the United States will always incorporate standard bred horses and Quarter horses too.

Some races are known as “conditions” and others as “handicap” races. The conditions races are those which tend to offer the largest financial payouts to the winners (and those placing wagers on the outcome), but the handicap races are just as interesting.

These are races in which each horse is assessed and then given a bit of extra weight to carry during the race as a way of “leveling the field”. Often, however, it is the expertise of the jockey and the strength of the horse that will overcome the challenges presented by the handicap. Find more about the Horse Racing sport in the US and the Horse Racing Betting opportunities for you, as a new sport betting player.

There are also horse tracks in the USA that run endurance races too. These are horse racing events that cover up to one hundred miles and which are run upon tracks that are made from dirt. This allows the animals to tackle such a long distance without undue effects on their hooves. Most endurance races are broken down into manageable sections since a horse and rider could rarely run an uninterrupted race of more than ten miles without stopping.

There are dozens of Horse Race Tracks in the US, in Arizona, Arkansas , California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, New York, Oklahoma and other location around the country. Learn more about other Horse Race Tracks from the UK and other locations.