AAMI Victoria Derby Day

The AAMI Victoria Derby Day is held on the first day of Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival. This occurs in November of each year and is the official kick off for the Melbourne Cup. In itself the AAMI Victoria Derby Day is a “big deal” and it offers a massive prize of over one million Australian dollars. It is a Thoroughbred horse race, and is considered a significant day for fashion too!

The AAMI Victoria Derby Day also marks the opening of the Australian horse racing wagering season as well. This means that people interested in making wagers on Thoroughbred racing in that country will want to pay sharp attention to the performance of each of the groups racing that day in order to know how to begin structuring their wagers for the remaining races.

Before you begin placing wagers on the race, be sure that you are working with a fair and reasonable bookmaker. You should be able to obtain all of the statistics and details that you need through their website, and you should also be able to see the actual race as well. The best bookmakers provide clients with streaming video that lets them watch, in real time, to see if their bets have brought in a prize.

Because this race is so substantial, be sure that your bookmaker is guaranteeing their odds. This means that they should be close to the odds available at all other sites, and making the “standard” options such as to win and to show readily available. No odds should change dramatically within a few hours before the race, so go ahead and use whatever details are available at the websites to see if the venue you have selected shows a habit of changing their odds on race day. If that is the case, avoid the site since it can dramatically alter the outcome of a wager.