Free Horse Racing Betting Tips

Did you know that there are two ways of getting free horse racing betting tips? One of the easiest is to simply use the Internet to quickly visit a handful of bookmakers’ sites in order to run a quick comparison of the day’s odds.

How does that translate to free horse racing betting tips? Just stop to consider that each site is going to use its own system for determining the handicapping and odds that will be offered for a specific horse racing and a specific race. If you open each of the sites in a separate screen, you can begin to observe in “real time” what the bookmakers think about a particular animal or event.

The trick to using this approach, however, is that it may require you to wait until moments before a race begins in order to make the strongest wagers and bets. This is because a lot of bookmakers will wait until it is close to the starting bell to give the strongest and most accurate odds.

You can always avoid this sort of riskier venture by collecting data yourself. This is probably one of the most useful free horse racing betting tips available because it is going to show you how to always make the best wagers even when a race is days away.

How is that? Well, just ask yourself how and where the bookmakers get their odds? They use the statistics, workout results, and history of the animals and riders to generate their odds. While these are not always as accurate as possible, they are usually reasonable.

You can find all of this same information yourself and can begin to develop the spreadsheets that they use to create stats of your own. You can begin visiting the bookmaking sites to see which of them is offering options that seem in line with what you have discovered, and you can then make a very strong wager.