Betting On Formula One

Betting on Formula One holds various categories of betting and odds that one can choose from so they would suit his or hers way of placing bets. By analyzing past race performance, both in the current and the prior season, a conclusion over winning odds can be easily reached that would satisfy the actual betting on Formula One needs.

Formula One Betting winning driver is the main category in Formula One Racing sports and the betting agencies for this amazing sport. Usually, there are two to three rivals from White Formula One Cardifferent teams that battle head to head for the championship. They keep a steady position throughout the season and are considered to be the favorite betting selection for most people that are used to betting on Formula One. When placing a bet on a driver, his performance in the last three races should be reviewed in terms of starting position, finishing position, lap leading and behavioral tendency in the time of the race. When addressing a specific course, a driver’s performance of past years in this course should be look at in order to determine the driver’s ability to cope with the tracks unique conditions. Also, the driver’s points have a huge affect over his motivation and his aiming towards winning the race or finishing in a specific position that suits his competitive needs.

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Betting on Formula One winning Car is a 1 to 12 winning chance as there are 12 teams and 2 drivers for each team making it 24 cars participating the race. For someone who is betting on Formula One, choosing the winning car is compiled out of several factors. First, the driver who is driving the car, as he is the final and most important factor of all; As good as the car can be, an incompetent driver will lead to anywhere but winning. Second, track conditions. Each car behaves differently at each course.
Some courses are more about speed while some are more about grip and corner handling and since each car presents its own characteristics for better or for worse, the race’s location matters significantly. News over cars improvements made by the constructor also counts when analyzing the cars winning odds.

Betting on Formula One winning margin is the category in which a bettor places a bet over what will be the margin in time between the first place and second place in the race. This bet is quite difficult as it resembles a shot in the dark trying to hunt your dinner. Bookmakers usually set the different margin possibilities and odds fitting each margin range. In order to have some clue about what is the most possible margin result, a bettor should look through past race margin results and driver margin history, both when finishing first and when finishing second.

Any Bettor that holds respect for his money and wishes to succeed in betting on Formula One, should adopt a betting system upon which the bettor relies in providing all the necessary and essential information linked to Formula One results and statistics for a sufficient analysis and proper bet placing.