Horse Racing Odds Trading

Oddsfutures is the world’s only sports odds trading exchange. Oddsfutures┬á provides a unique marketplace where you can profit from changes in odds prices without owning a bet. On Oddsfutures, traders can test their knowledge of the betting markets by correctly predicting the movement of odds on a match or race without the added uncertainty of who finishes, first, second or even last.

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Because Oddsfutures works on “futures” trading, players can be in the game long before the game actually starts – trading can begin up to three days before the event for UK and Irish horseracing, but significantly ahead of kick off for other events such as the Rugby World Cup. Each trade runs until the event itself starts – that is the point at which trades are settled.

There are only two trades at Oddsfutures – Down/BUY and Up/SELL – but with these two trades comes a wealth of opportunity depending on which direction the odds move, and how far they go. Traders will always be matched with the best available price, although if they want better odds they can place an order for a better price (remember, however, that unrealistic orders are unlikely to be accepted by other traders). There is also a stop loss mechanism to protect against extreme movements in price. Read more about your horse racing betting are racingbettingonline info pages.

The stake is up to the individual, and potential winnings are decided by movements in the market – should your instincts be right, the further the odds move in your direction, the greater your returns will be. And because these movements are created by public sentiment, it is possible for individuals with a finger on the pulse of the market to generate some real returns.

Odds futures is not a betting exchange or a bookmaker; it is neither a spread betting nor a fantasy league operator. Trades on the platform are not related to event outcomes as all markets are closed at as an event commences. Oddsfutures simply gives you the opportunity to buy odds prices if you think that they will decrease, or sell them if you think they will increase. You can profit from correctly forecasting the effects of market sentiment on odds price changes without exposure to sporting outcome.

When you trade on this horse racing platform, your trades are being matched by other Odds futures traders. Although Odds futures knows who is on each side of every trade matched, you never know who you are trading against. There may be a number of people matching your individual trade. At all times your privacy and the confidentiality of your trades is maintained by the Odds futures secure site.

You cannot trade whilst the game or event is in play, or after the race or contest commencement. Contracts are held as settled until the settlement time and cannot be transferred or cancelled. Your contract cash value is 0 until settled, but there is no limit on the amount of contracts you can open on any individual horse, team or athlete.

On Oddsfutures, you will always be matched at the best available price and quantity for your chosen trade. If a better price is available, you’ll get it, but you can also post the price at which you want to buy or sell. If you want better odds than the ones currently available, you can place an order for a better price, but bear in mind that if your price is unrealistic your trade is unlikely to be accepted.

Oddsfutures currently offers trading on Ireland and UK Horse Racing, and will shortly introduce worldwide Horse Racing, as well as popular sports such as Soccer, Rugby or Cricket.