Sport Betting Tips

Among the most valuable of all sport betting tips is to “do the research”. No one wants to spend hours of time digging through and sorting statistics, however, and this is the reason that the Internet is so helpful. For one thing, it makes it incredibly easy to find up to the minute details on any type of sporting event as well as statistics about team, individual, and general performance.

Need an example? One of the sports that creates an enormous mountain of statistics is horse racing. The weights of the horses and their jockeys, the lap times at each of the tracks, which of the horses finished in the top spots during the last races, and so much more is tracked on an almost daily basis. One of the strongest sport betting tips is to use the information available to create a good comparison between horses coming up against one another in a race. This information should then be compared to the odds being offered through various sport betting websites or offices.

Why compare data to the odds? For one thing, it is important to be sure that your research is generating an accurate picture. You can know this simply by reviewing the odds offered on a horse that seems likely to win or at least place highly in the race. What are good odds on such a horse? Anyone familiar with sport betting tips will tell you that the horses that are well positioned to win are also going to have almost neutral odds.

This might mean that a slower horse is tagged with twenty to one odds on winning, but the horse with the most impressive statistics is given odds like seven to five. This means that for every five dollars wagered on that highly-competitive horse, you receive seven in return. This sort of low profit margin is actually a clear indicator that the horse is a good one to select for a bet.