Greyhound Racing Betting Tips

It seems that there are always a lot more horse racing tips than there are greyhound racing betting tips. This is not because there is less interest in dog races, it is simply that there are so many greyhound races that the statistics are tougher to track. In fact, a lot of the best greyhound racing betting tips come from places that focus in on a single track or region.

This means that someone who is interested in finding greyhound racing betting tips is going to have to think in a smaller way than someone in search of horse betting support.

This brief discussion is going to describe one of the best ways to create your own system for greyhound betting tips, and is going to be modeled on a lot of the different betting systems currently in use.

Let’s begin with the odds. These are always generated from a base of knowledge. The knowledge comes from statistics about the specific dogs in question. For example, if “Dog A” has been running well over the past few seasons, it is reasonable to expect this same level of performance. Want to double check that? Go to the website for the track that the dog runs and see what its workout statistics are, and if these are good, you can consider the dog to be a strong candidate for a win or show.

This means that most bookmakers create their odds by starting with a look at the dog’s current and past performance. They will then get the list of dogs to compete in a race and compare the entire set of statistics for each. How do they do this? They create a simple spreadsheet that can be organized by the names of the dogs. If you do this same thing, gather data into a spreadsheet, you too can give yourself the best tips for each race.