Harness Racing New Zealand

Are you someone interested in learning more about harness racing in NZ? If so, you should definitely use the Internet as a primary resource for details about the fields, horses, trainers, drivers, and statistics available. Why is this range of information about harness racing in NZ so significant? It is the one way to identify the best choices for placing any kinds of wagers or bets.

Just consider that the information about harness racing in NZ is going to include such valuable and important details as the Universal Driver Rating for each and every driver, it will indicate the race and workout results for most horses, and it is going to show all kinds of performance statistics too. All of this can then be used to create a series of calculations that will easily indicate the most likely winners from any possible combination of horses.

Don’t agree with that simple statement? Just consider that if you know how well a horse or driver have been doing during workouts, how well they handle a particular field, their pacing and consistency, and their past lap times, you can then compare this to their position in the lineup and any other special factors to determine what their odds for winning will be. Certainly, you would have to compare them to the rest of the field, but this would be easy once you had gathered data on the rest of the competition too.

Is this what the book makers and handicappers do? Absolutely! Because this is the data that they use in their more complicated betting systems, you can actually review the data independently and then compare your findings to the terms that they might be offering. Often, they can actually validate your theories or show you that your calculations might be a bit inaccurate. Either way, your work will let you make the best harness racing wagers for the many New Zealand fields.