Betting on IndyCar

Betting on IndyCar is a relatively new since the first official IndyCar racing took place in 2003 so stats and history of IndyCar racing still lack a firm base upon which betting on IndyCar racing can be properly done. As the field of IndyCar racing grows and gains more public interest, so does sportsbooks recognize the hidden potential in this racing scene and start showing a growing interest in betting on IndyCar. Indy Car Race Betting

A bettor can choose out of many betting options but should restrict betting to a few certain options as it is wiser to maintain a small and easy to follow bet placing, especially in a new, still evolving sport like betting on IndyCar racing.

Betting on IndyCar outright winner is betting on a certain race winner. When picking the driver as a believed to be the winner, past races should be taken in account with a focus on how well or how bad that driver did on the same track in past years. Past performance may reveal a whole lot about a driver’s ability to handle certain race specifications. Moreover, a driver’s amount of races won and lost is also a factor in deciding which driver is the best choice.

A driver that won many races and holds a great sum of points, may by the obvious choice but may not be the wise choice since drivers located at the top of the grading table tend to loosen their performance as points for certain races simply don’t mean much to them. It doesn’t mean that they will finish last but coming second or third are relevant outcomes on their behalf.  A driver scraping the sixth to fourth positions on the grid might be revealed as a highly motivated driver and as lower positions raise the odds, betting on that driver can be good choice. The Indy Car Racing,  just like the Formula One Racing, is highly popular in the US and attrack more fans worldwide.

Betting on IndyCar racer with the fastest lap is rather difficult. It means choosing the driver that would have the fastest lap out of 33 drivers going 200 or more laps in one race, a tough choice and a very difficult one in terms of nailing the score and picking the right driver. A bettor wishing to place a bet on this category should first have knowledge of the results of the qualifying laps taken prior to the race. A pole position winner is not a natural choice. A driver being the fastest on qualifying procedure won’t necessarily be the driver with the fastest lap on the race but the top six qualifying drivers should be considered as good Indy Car Betting options.

Betting on IndyCar match-up bets (head to head) is an easy almost fun to place bet. It means that the bettor matches up two contesters and states the nature of the matchup between the two. For example, Will Power vs. Dario Franchitti, when the bettor decides to bet the possibility that Franchitti would finish the race in higher position than Power. This bet is relevant even if Franchitti doesn’t win the race, as long as he finished before Power does.

Betting on IndyCar championship winner is a bet placed at the beginning of the season and is considered the most difficult bet of all. A bettor must take in account all possible factors such as certain races, driver’s past performance in previous seasons (especially the last season) and new drivers or drivers that had shown an increase or decrease in their performance.