Cycling Racing

If you are like millions of others, you probably think of only one major race when you hear the term “cycling racing”, and this is the Tour de France. There are many other races, however, and all of them demonstrate the remarkable fitness and perseverance of the athletes.

For example, the Giro d’Italia is considered an essential preparation for the “Tour” and covers over 3,000 km. There is also the Vuelta a Espana which takes place after the completion of the Tour as well, and this too covers thousands of miles. This trio of races is extremely Cycling Racingscenic since they occur in such gorgeous spots as Venice, Rome, the Alps, Spain, and the Netherlands. They are watched by millions of enthusiasts and fans, and they are also a major focus for cycling racing betting too.

Betting on cycling racing? Absolutely! Just consider how many variables there are in a single race. There are the individual cyclists which can have a “to win” wager placed upon them for a particular stage, or for the entire race. There are the teams which can also have similar wagers placed upon them as well. Two evenly matched cyclists can be the subjects of a daily or full course “matchup” which bets on who the victor will be for the stage or entire race. There are wagers available for all three races, fastest times, and even for “first to retire” as well.

Before making wagers on any cyclist or team, however, it might be advisable to do a brief bit of Internet research to see how well they have been doing in other races. For instance, a lot of wagers are made on the Tour de France because the data from the Giro d’Italia (which takes place a few months earlier) gives people a clear picture of the capabilities and fitness of a particular team or a particular racer.