Indy Car Betting Tips

If you are looking for some Indy car betting tips it helps to know that a bit of research is usually the key to success. Just like other types of racing, any sort of Indy racing is going to involve various factors that can always affect the outcome of a single race or even an entire season.

For example, many motor racing betting sites provide their customers with a review of the upcoming season and take a thorough look at the various teams and how they are positioned to perform. Knowing which teams and drivers seem like the most likely to win is one of the most obvious Indy car betting tips.

Naturally, it does also require the individual with the knowledge to understand the best way to use it. For example, a wager on any Indy racing event can be made in the “straight” format. This means that the individual places their wager on a single driver or car to win the race. They will have to shop around for the best odds on that choice, and if they are right, they get the prize.  Indy Car Betting Tips

This same person might also use a lot of the Indy car betting tips found in seasonal reviews and betting websites to make a “matchup” bet. This would be a bet similar to the straight bet with the exception that the odds take into consideration how one driver will do over another in a particular race. This option is very similar with other motor betting, like the Formula One betting and Nascar.

For example, a matchup bet might feature Justin Wilson versus Dan Wheldon with the odds attached to only one driver. This could mean that the betting agency believes that Wheldon stands a 10 to 1 shot of beating Wilson during the season, and the individual who takes that bet would get a return of ten dollars on every dollar they bet on a single race between the two drivers.