Betfair Bonus

Learning about the Betfair Bonus Options

If you head to the popular Betfair gambling website, you would find that there is more than just a single Betfair bonus, but many people go there just to partake of their remarkable “Free Bet”. This is an option for a new visitor to place a £25 bet on any of the casino games or sports events, and if they lose the bet, they get the money back! Betfair Bonus

The way this innovative Betfair bonus works is super simple. You go to the site, create an account, and make your first deposit. You then go ahead and make a bet at some location in the site, and if it doesn’t give you a prize payment of any kind, the funds are re-deposited right back into your player’s account. This bonus is valid for horse racing, greyhound racing and other sports on Racing Betting Online and Betfair pages.

Of course, that isn’t the only Betfair bonus available, and the site is just as famous and popular for its massive new players’ deposit bonuses too. This allows someone with a new account to earn up to $1,500 in bonus money against their initial deposit. This is actually free money that a player can take in by heading to the site and playing as often as possible.

The way this bonus works is also incredibly simple – the player makes their deposit and this starts the “clock ticking” for the time span that they have to earn their bonus rewards. They can earn up to the maximum amount, and they do so in $10 increments. They get each increment of the possible $1,500 by earning 400 points in the Betfair gaming system. This can be through all of the cash games, and through poker tournaments too.

So, it is of tremendous benefit to head to the site, perfect your games, play in the tournaments, and make some wagers, because almost all of these actions come with a tidy little bonus too.