Indy Car Racing Betting

Indy car racing betting is actually similar to betting on all other types of racing, including horses! This is because they all take into consideration such things as performance and statistics at tracks or courses in order to create “odds”. Odds are set as a way to establish the likelihood of a driver or team taking the win, but they can apply to a bet in more than one simple way.

For example, there is more than one approach to placing or viewing a wager when doing some Indy car racing betting. There is the “straight” bet and then there is the “matchup” bet as well. The straight bets use a very simple format and are identical to the “to win” wagers placed at horse racing events. Basically, they ask the individual to select a single driver or team to win the race and then to accept the odds offered by the bookmaker or betting website.

The matchup bets are those that position only two cars or drivers against one another and the odds are created based on those two drivers alone. The way the wager pays is if the individual selects the right driver or team from the two.

Because Indy car motor racing betting is so popular, there are many betting websites and online bookmakers able to offer odds and take bets.Some of the best sites will even provide their customers with reviews of the teams and drivers to help them make the strongest wagers possible. These groups will usually offer opportunities on every race for the season, even though a lot of fans consider only one or two Indy races of serious interest.

For example, there are many races held throughout the United States, but most fans tune in strictly for the Indianapolis 500 or any of the Formula one events. This doesn’t mean, however, that there are no wagering or betting opportunities other than those for this particular race.