Indy Car Racing

Indy Car is a type of open wheel car which participates in a series of races called the Indy car series. The origin of the name Indy Car comes from the Indianapolis 500 Mile race, but in fact IndyCar is more connected to the Formula 1 races than the Indianapolis 500 race. Indy car race is popular mostly in the USA.

The term “Indy car” is used as a descriptive name for American based championship open wheel auto racing, which is getting more Indy Car Seriespopular these days. The Indy car name, is a result of the genre’s name, fundamental link to the famous races of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (Also known as Indy 500 Race), this indy 500 is the best-known open wheel auto race in Northern America.

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The body of the car is supplied by Dallara while the engine is supplied by Honda for all the cars which participate in the race.
The League consists of two series, the IndyCar Series (synonymous of the Indy Racing League) and the Menards Infiniti Pro Series, which is the developmental series for IndyCar.

Drivers’ safety was also a major point of concern, with an alarming number of drivers injured in the early years of the series, some of them even died. Unlike road racing venues, the lack of run-offs on oval tracks, coupled with higher speeds due to the long straight-aways and symmetrical turns.

The eminent reduction in manufacturer support for the series in 2006 has resulted in a struggle by teams to find financial backing to compete. Several teams, including Panther Racing, have been forced to cut back their operations and even quitting racing activities altogether.

It seems that altogether Indy Car racing has lost most of its popularity among racing fans, and instead the drivers and the fans have switched to either Nascar Racing  or Formula 1 Racing (link to new page called Formula 1 Racing).