Crown Oaks Day

What is Crown Oaks Day? It is the third day of the world famous Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. First is the Victoria Derby Day, then the massive Melbourne Cup, and finally is the popular Crown Oaks Day event. This is a weekday race which has also been called Ladies Day, but it still brings in more than 100,000 attendees. This has to do with the excitement of the racing, but also has much to do with the crazy fashions that appear that day as well.

During Crown Oaks Day there are several featured races, which are all broken out by “Groups”. The most famous of them all is the Crown Casino which is for the three year-old fillies and which runs a length of 2500m. This race is a follow up to the Wakeful Stakes race that occurred on Victoria Derby Day, and this means that those making wagers during Crown Oaks Day are at a bit of an advantage.
The statistics that evolve out of the three days of racing can really be useful in selecting the most likely winners for this third day of events. This means that wagers on Ladies Day are likely to have much tighter odds than the races in the days before.

Because of this, it is important to do a bit of research and to calculate which horses actually pose the best odds and or returns on a wager. The official race day wagering site available through the VRC (Victoria Racing Club) is likely to have fair odds, but it doesn’t hurt to also shop around. There are many places where online and live wagering can occur, but it is always recommended to find a venue that gives you guaranteed odds, some deposit or sign on bonuses, and access to the kinds of information so vital to selecting the best wagers possible.