Dubai World Cup Tickets

Ever since it was first run in 1996 the Dubai World Cup has become one of the world’s greatest group 3 to group 1 thoroughbreds horse racing meeting, attracting the world’s finest thoroughbreds to run the eight different races of the meeting. The Dubai World Cup meeting is also a major social event hosting many horse racing fans from all over the world that book Dubai World Cup tickets in advance in order to secure their attendance in the meeting. Dubai World Cup Tickets

Attending the Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup meeting is held annually around the end of March at the luxurious Meydan racecourse in the City of Meydan. The racecourse can host up to 60,000 horse racing spectators and features a left-handed, tapeta synthetic dirt surfaced track. Booking Dubai World Cup tickets and Dubai World Cup tourist packages usually starts four to three months prior to meeting when the pick in booking Dubai World Cup tickets is about a month to two weeks before the meeting is held.

Not everyone can enjoy the luxury of attending the Dubai World Cup Meeting, however. Booking Dubai World Cup tickets can cost up to several hundreds of dollars if not thousands, and the living expenses for attending the two day Dubai World Cup meeting can soar to levels which most people would consider outrages if not impossible to pay for. And so the Dubai World Cup is set as merely a high society event, attended by VIP’s, wealthy horse racing fans and well known figures of the global horse racing scene and less as race everyone can attend like the Breeder’s Cup or the Kentucky Derby.

Acquiring Affordable Dubai World Cup Tickets

Though described above as one of the most difficult horse racing events to attend and afford, the Dubai World Cup can still be attended at reasonable costs, given the racegoers enquire the market first for any affordable Dubai World Cup tickets or Dubai World Cup tourist packages which are usually available from the moment the last Dubai World Cup meeting ended.

As the meeting approaches and gets closer to become fully booked, a significant rise in prices for the tickets and packages is well noticed as it becomes harder and harder to find good bargains. A smart horse racing fan will book Dubai World Cup tickets months in advance. A frugal horse racing fan will book the tickets a year in advance and order the cheapest accommodation to be found, again, a long period in advance.

A few simple yet valuable thumb rules for affording your attendance in the Dubai World Cup:

•    Plan a year in advance and gather as much as funds as you can.

•    Don’t book the first ticket offer you find, enquire first.

•    Favor booking whole deals and packages as they will cost less in the overall adding up.

•    Consider your trip as attending a horse racing meeting only, and not an opportunity for a shopping spree.