Bet On Nascar Racing

Being one of the most popular spectator sports in the world, Nascar Racing consist an attractive event to bet on.
There is money to be made from Nascar Racing, especially if you know what you are doing and you place your wagers wisely. On Racing Betting Online you’ll find All Nascar betting lines and odds for the next race, all the information to help you place the best bet on Nascar Racing online. Auto racing offers many kinds of betting opportunities on both odds to win race or other head to head match ups between the Nascar top drivers.

There are various type of bets you can place when betting on Nascar Racing:

1.    Odds to win the race – this is the most common type of bet in the Nascar Betting Lines in which you need to choose the driver to win the race. Be careful when choosing the odds as you might be tempted with either the highest odds which sometimes are impossible to win, or the lowest ones which sometimes seems most lucrative as the driver is known for his capabilities and won previous Nascar Nascar Racingraces, the driver may not win the specific race you’re betting on.

2.    Race / Qualifying matchup bets – in this particular bet you wager one driver against another driver for example: Kasey Kahne -140 vs. Matt Kenseth +110.  In this case if Kahne finishes better than Kenseth you will win the wager.

3.    Top finishing Ford/Chevy/Dodge driver (pod betting) – This bet is on the driver by manufacturer and in this case the driver you bet on Nascar Racing should finish the highest among the drivers of the specific manufacturers in order for you to win the wager.

4.    Manufacturer to win the race – In this case you bet on the manufacturer and not the driver. Whether its Ford, Chevy or Dodge, the one who wins the race will win you money. You should consider historical facts like the fact that the chevy team dominated the Daytona race track and Talladega track.

5.    Manufacturer Exacta bet – In this bet you determine the manufacturer finishing first and second place according to the exact order for example: Ford to finish first, Chevy second, will give you a certain odd, while Chevy first and Chevy second will give you a different one.

It is recommended to follow the news, tips and various Nascar betting lines (link to the new page I sent you), before you place your bet on Nascar racing.