Horse Racing

If you love the thrill of horse racing, you will thoroughly enjoy taking your chances on the occasional wager at the track too. In fact, you don’t even have to head to a track to place a bet because there are now so many online venues available. Interestingly enough, in the UK and in the United States there are many horse racing enthusiasts who insist that the online odds are usually more favorable for the bettor. is happy to provide free tips, free horse racing bets, virtual horse racing and Live Odds for your horse betting. This sport, is so popular both in the UK and the US, and in some other countries around the world. If you are looking for fun and excitement, horse racing is definitely for you.

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Flat Racing in the UK

Why is this the case? Usually because there is no bookmaker involved in the transaction and so the proceeds of the win (or loss) don’t have to be punitive in any way. There are also less costs associated with the electronic options too.

So, how does someone go about beginning to do some betting on horse racing? The first step is to educate yourself about the types of racing available. You should know that the thoroughbred races tend to yield the highest payments. This is because the information readily available about the horses is substantial, and because they are the top of their breed as far as speed and performance are concerned.

It helps to understand that horse racing is divided into a few different categories that include the thoroughbreds, harness, quarter horse, and more. Each of these is remarkably different and it takes a bit of knowledge and understanding to select a good candidate for the win. Together with the horse betting, the Greyhound racing betting activities and the online Harness racing betting, gain more popularity around the world and many more fans.

Just consider that when making a wager on horse racing it is advisable to consider (or to find out) the fitness of the horse, and how it has done in its last few races. If the animal is just coming off an injury it is also helpful to take this into consideration too. The bettor must also make a point of assessing the horse for its “distance”. This is the type of race in which the animal seems to excel. There are few horses that do well in both the long and the short races, and knowing this is a hugely relevant fact.

Many frequent bettors also make a point of determining the running style of a horse too. For instance, we have all heard about the front runner, and this is actually a horse known to never be any further than two full lengths out of the lead spot. Imagine how helpful this information can be to someone about to make a bet. On Racing Betting Online you have the option to play free horse racing games, together with other games on any of the horse racing systems.

It is also relevant to know a bit about the trainer and the jockey. There are teams that are well-known for the quality of their performance and their horse racing betting program, and there are some that are known for being less favorable. If a horse is young and just coming from a poor program a good bettor is going to know that there are some serious risks in choosing this horse for a wager.

Lastly, a good bit of research will always turn up the horse’s consistency levels. If the animal has finished in a winning (not necessarily first place) position for more than 50% of their races then they are likely to be a winner where wagers are concerned too. Depending on the racing conditions, the horse owners use their choice of horses for the races.