Emirates Stakes Day

The final day of the famous Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is known as Emirates Stakes Day or VRC Stakes Day. This is held on the last Saturday of the Carnival and has become a tremendously popular event for families. In fact, it has earned the official name of Family Day, and sees all kinds of events for kids, including the famous “Fashions on the Field”.

The reason that so many horse racing betting enthusiasts pay attention to Emirates Stakes Day is because the Groups have really shown their strongest runners and riders by this final day of events. For instance, in the first day of racing a week earlier many of the horses are making their first professional runs, and the statistics that come from those races are not as useful as the details emerging after the second and third days of racing that follow.

By the time that the Emirates Stakes Day arrives, a savvy horse betting enthusiast is going to have enough information to make a very educated guess about the potential winners in each of the groups. The day features five group races and four additional runs. The biggest race of the day is the Group 1 Emirate Stakes which is a 1600m race with a quality handicap.

When opting to place a wager on this race you can wait until race day and use the official bookmaking service of the VRC, or you can seek out a few online bookmakers in the days before the race in order to place a few bets. This might be a good way to take advantage of the information obtained through the other races, and to also spread the odds in your favor. When choosing a site other than the official bookmaking website, be sure that you get guaranteed odds or some sort of bonus for opting to use that site.