Harness Racing Tips

Looking for some really basic and fundamental harness racing tips? There are a lot of different pointers and tips that experienced wage makers will use, but the following are the easiest to use and to remember.

The first of the most valuable and significant harness racing tips is to understand the driver. Yes, it is the horse doing the racing, but realistically it is always the driver who takes them to the win. This means you want to identify the driver’s universal rating in order to see what their average performance statistics might be.

The next of the most valuable harness racing tips is to find out the consistency of the horse in question. This is a very unique characteristic for any harness racing horse, and is also a clear indicator if the animal is doing well during that season. This figure is also usually available for past years as well and can be used to determine if the horse has been improving or declining where their performance and consistency is concerned. These tips are interesting for the Horse Racing Betting players as well.

You have to always consider the post position of the horse and driver in any race as well. The inside positions, which are the numbers one through four, are usually going to be a bit of an advantage to the horse and driver. This is especially true with a shorter track because it gives them a noticeably shorter distance to cover. When a horse is in the outer positions, they are usually tagged with a zero figure in the program as a warning that they are at serious risk for being what is known as “parked out”.

Lastly, you should be looking at the times that a horse has achieved in the recent past. Consider particularly the animal’s times for similar lengths and conditions in order to see if they are likely to do well during a specific race.