Horse Betting

Did you know that you can enjoy horse betting on a year round basis? This is because there are so many courses operating and because of the modern world of the Internet. In earlier decades you would have had to find a bookmaker’s office or some sort of “off track betting” establishment in order to lay any sort of wager on the outcome of a horse race. Today, however, that has all changed and people from all corners of the world can put a bet on a race taking place half-way around the globe.

There are a few different terms to know when deciding to participate in horse betting, however, and most of them have to do with the types of bets available. For the most part, bookmaker and betting websites will stick with the same general terminology ( The same goes to Greyhound Racing Betting ). This means that you have to understand such phrases as the “straight bet” or the “to win” option. These are the same things, and are also the most common type of wager. They bet on a single winner at set odds and the player only gets a prize if the horse they selected is the first to cross the line.

There are also other phrases to master for horse racing betting, including the “to place” wagers, which means the player gets a prize if the horse finishes first or second. The “to show” wager pays out if the horse is in the top three across the line too, but the prize is not as high as the “to win” or “to place” varieties.

There are also “combination” wagers that allow someone to select a few different horses, and there are a handful of other options that range from “pick 3” and “pick 6” to different “Quiniela” varieties and “Perfecta” wagers too. The thing to know is that each has different “odds” and that these odds can often vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. This means it pays off to shop around for the best odds if you are sure your wager is a winner.