Horse Pictures

How can horse pictures be of any use or benefit to someone who enjoys doing some horse racing betting? Interestingly enough, a visit to a website offering bookmaking services or even downloads of games will also usually be full of horse pictures too.

Flat horse racing

These images can be used in a number of ways that include analysis and/or comparisons and also to get a good idea of the size or build of a jockey. The contents of horse pictures are always impressive simply because the animals are so well muscled and the live shots of races are always so dramatic, but a lot of additional information can be taken from the photographs as well.

Let’s consider the horse racing betting enthusiast who performs all of their own original research. They might be considering a substantial wager on a major racing event, but the statistical analysis shows that things are going to be very close. For instance, they might find that two of the top horses, and their jockeys, have performed to almost identical levels at the course in question. They might also find that the training statistics for these horses are very close as well.

So, what’s the solution for a time such as this? Should they just take the less profitable “place” wager and pick a single horse? Should they do a “show” wager, earning even less money, and bet on both horses?

They could head to an archive of images to see how the horses and riders behave in the last seconds of a race, and this might help them to make a stronger wager. If they look at a lot of photographs and images of the horses, they might get a few clues about the way the rider encourages the horse racing and what sort of tactics are used in the final seconds. This could lead them to select one horse and to make a more lucrative wager.