Horse Race Bet

If you have never placed a horse race bet, you may be a bit confused by the way that these things work. It is important to understand that a horse race bet comes in more than just a single format or style.

For example, the most common of all of the wagers is the “straight” or “to win” horse race bet. This means that the gambler puts a wager on a single horse, with a set of specific odds, to win that race. They get money only if the horse actually does win the race.

If the odds on the race are very close, a player can make a “to place” wager instead. This means that they get money on their bet if the single horse racing selected happens to take first or second place. The “to show” wagers allow the gambler to profit if their horse ends up in the first through third positions at the end of the race as well.

There are also “combination” wagers that will allow the gambler to select from two to four of the horses in the race, but they must also choose the order in which these horses will finish in order to get a prize payment. Additionally, there are “pick 3”, “pick 6”, “perfecta”, “exacta”, “trifecta” and many other varieties of wagers available.

The most important factor to learn where any types of bets are concerned is that they won’t all pay at the same rate of return. The wagers that are the proverbial “long shots”, meaning that they don’t come with any sort of support or options, will always generate the largest payments. This is why the “to win” wagers tend to be the most lucrative.

Many gamblers do a lot of research prior to making a wager, and this allows them to choose the most rewarding options available.