Secret Racing Betting System

What is a secret racing betting system? It could be many different things, and in the world of online gambling it should be viewed as a “secret weapon” too. This is because it is often a way to use some unique or interesting variables to identify the horses or dogs that will pay the largest prizes.

How does that work? Well, a good secret racing betting system is going to use a very massive data base of information. While it will include the same figures as many other systems, such as performance stats, lap times, etc. it will also consider things like the recent training season, the rider’s history and performance, details about the owner, any changes in a horse’s classification, and more. Secret Racing Betting System

By incorporating these figures into the proverbial “equation”, the secret racing betting system identifies the animals that are likely to do well, or to win, but which other handicappers or bookmakers may overlook.

Need a better example? Let’s say that a flat track has a history of becoming very “slick” when it rains. A good system makes note of that in a line of data, and this appears in the figures connected to all of the horses that compete at the track. There is also a line of data for any incidences of a horse doing badly under slick conditions, as well as a way to indicate if the rider cannot handle this issue as well.

When the person using the system goes to create statistics for a race, they will check the anticipated conditions for the day of the race, and if it appears that slick conditions will prevail, they use the extra columns of data to calculate their odds. The regular bookmakers will not have done this extra work, and it might show that a horse placed outside of the top three is suddenly the favored animal!