Horse Racing Tips Week 07 2011

17/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
16/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
15/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
14/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
13/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results

17/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


1.50 – #3 Ace Master Ace Master
Tipped here two days ago and landed @ 3/1. Back to run favorite field this time a small race. Bit concern over weights as top weighted for last win going up from 8-13 to 9-10 but still with certain advantage over opponents Three Opera Divas and Jack’s Revenge. Last trial against the two resulted coming 3rd as the three were running pretty much under the same conditions apart from Ace Master being drawn poorly, now drawn better and weighted much the same as the other two so chances for him. Jimmy Quinn on board, played well with this 3 year old in his last two stars and should do the same here.

2 point win – 9/2
Finished 4th -2 points

3.25 – #3 Camps Bay Camps Bay
Course and distance winner and consistent in form 2nd placing all of  his 6 latest starts except for last where coming 3rd. Up against La Estrella again, last time beaten to 2nd by him however La Estrella now significantly up in weights so chances for Camps Bay to overpower as carrying same weights as in trial against La Estrella and also dropped back to grade 6. Hayley Turner on board, been mount the gelding in his last 7 starts, team up obviously working well.

3 point win 3/1
3rd @ 7/4 -3 points

4.35 – #5 Ace Of Spies Ace Of Spies
Course and distance winner conducting fairly well of late including current grade and chances here once more. Facing Elhamri, beat him in to 2nd the last but now Elhamri top weighted and drawn mid whereas Ace Of Spies only 5lb up and drawn better since trial against Elhamri. Opposed by Steed, the fav in this field but same case as Elhamri, as conditions favor Ace. Ridden by Kirsty Milczarek once more, done fairly well with this 6 year old and no reason why shouldn’t do well here again.

1 point win 7/1
Finished 5th -1 point

Total 6 points staked on today’s tips
-6 points 205 in bankroll

16/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


2.30 – #9 Six Of Clubs Six Of Clubs
Doing well in his last 3 starts and shows signs of having a good chance here as well. Able on distance winning at Southwell last December and reconfirming his abilities over the distance and conditions in the following races. Haven’t had much success here at Lingfield and latest trial there was harsh, having been drawn wide and  high on weights, this time drawn beautifully and weighted to allow him to express himself.  Two notable opponents in this field, one is Brabazon the fav, beating Six Of Clubs by 12l but as mentioned before had much advantage over him which is not the case here as Brabazon drawn mid and up in weights whereas the case with Six Of Clubs is the exact opposite. The other is Frameit which was beaten by Six Of Clubs in his win at Southwell last December despite being drawn better. Both opponents are course and distance winner so tough task here for our pick especially with Frameit who’s done fairly well in higher grades. Still, good chances here for Six.

Finished 7th

3.30 – #10 Shared Moment Shared Moment
Leading contender in this trial, course and distance winner and performing very well in her last 4 starts winning twice here since the beginning of the season, probably due to cheekpieces off and visor on. Drawn well and also weighted moderately, should have more than just a chance here. On boars is Chris Catlin, who’s been on board in three of her last four starts, performing well with two places and one win. Opposed by Cuthbert but should overpower.

2nd @ 3/1

4.30 – #5 Mrs Neat Mrs Neat

Yet to win however highly consistent in her form and performing well of late including a 2nd placing, beaten to a head by George Woolf. Draw not optimal but proven to handle such, weights are still well within her capabilities and should carry well. Opposed by Not So Bright, however the latter not as consistent and yet to prove able on distance. On board is James Doyle, had her a lot lately and performing fairly well and should be able to turn this run into her first win.

Won @ 3/1

5.00 -#3 Edgeworth Edgeworth
A somewhat overpriced contender. Course and distance winner and very consistent in latest form. Running a brilliant 2nd in current grade here but with weights much higher than current allocated so this time claiming for a win. Drawn low same as last run and with Chris Catlin on board who lead the 5 year old for winning twice here, should be able to turn this run into a successful one.

Finished 4th

Managing our horse racing betting on the mild side of things, 25% strike rate.

15/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


2.50 – #1 Army Of Stars Army Of Stars
A consistent sort who’s able on distance and seems to like the field. A notable advantage over Elusive Warrior, beating him in three different occasions lately and should overpower him in this trial as well. Also a worthy opponent to El Dececy which has been beaten by Elusive Warrior 5 days ago and though excuses for the former, this suggests superiority for Army Of Stars. Drawn well and carries weights well within his abilities, on board is Jim Crowely who had him only once but managed a win so chances here as well. Dropped in grade and should benefit as a result.

3rd @ 15/8

3.20 – #7 The Lock Master The Lock Master
Course and distance winner, a Southwell player and excuses for yesterday’s 6th at Wolverhampton. Now back in familiar field, dropped back to 1m trip and facing a less tougher challenge. Dropped in weights and should gain a bit more room to breath, drawn nicely which adds to his chances here. Neil Chalmers on board, team up proven to work well.

2nd @ 5/1

Long shot e/w 3.50 – #6 Delorain Delorain
Course and distance winner, running well in his last 2 stars, drawn well and weighted reasonably. Cathy Gannon on board.

Finished 5th

4.20 – #5 Ace Master Ace Master
Showing good skills in his last 4 starts here at Southwell, should have a go in this race as well. Top rated and shows top speed figures, weighted to allow him to perform well as he did lately, and will handle the relatively wide draw. Jimmy Quinn on board, performed well in his last here placing 3rd of 12 runners, now running an 8 runner field and should be able to improve on results. Advantage for Ace Master here facing Ridgeway Hawk, beating him here last December.

Won @ 3/1

One win, two placing and one fail, not too bad for our horse racing tips.

14/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


2.10 – #9 Cheveyo Cheveyo
Showing improvement and consistent in his last 4 starts and though not having a single win to his credit, should perform well here. Weights and draw are same as in 2nd placing out of 13 runners here last month, running grade 7 but proven able under such weights and from wide draw, suggesting he’s in chances here. Rated same as Steel City Boy the fav in this race but on top of him in top speed figures and with Jamie Spencer on board who shows complimenting a strike rates, this team up may well be the one to bet on.

Finished 8th

2.40 -#1 Apache Ridge Apache Ridge
Course and distance winner, last three races well conducted and though this field being tougher has good chances of placing if not winning. Philip Makin on board, had him in two of his latest 6 starts winning one and placing one so team up advantage. Close to Frequency at Lingfiled, now drawn better and weighted the same so should be able to overpower. Beat Kersivay here when both ran under same weights now the latter drawn and weighted better but inconsistent in performance. The real danger is Restless Bay which showed fair form in higher grades and now dropped in grade and weighted better and will pose a significant threat. A long shot here and advised e/w if goes over 7/1.

2nd @ 13/2

3.40 – #5 Urban Kode Urban Kode
Won twice in current field and seems to love it here, beat Imaginary World on two different occasions here and at Lingfield so one less contender to worry about. Though inconsistent in responding to draw and as current draw almost irrelevant in this small race, still good to have a mid wide draw anyway. dropped a bit in weights which could give him a bit more room to breath. Matthew Cosham on board, one place and one win with this keen 3 year old colt and should be able to perform well with him. Running well since November last year and no disgrace in performance, high one chances this time around as well.

3rd @ 6/1

4.10 – #8 Lay Claim Lay Claim
A long shot e/w. Tough race to crack as many possibles here. Showing a spark in his last run winning under Tom Queally and should bare a price high enough for a decent e/w bet.

Finished 7th

13/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


2.10 – #3 Araldur Araldur
Last two stars well conducted under current class, doesn’t come out to the field very often but when does, delivers fair results. Weights same as last two starts where placing 2nd and has Robert Thornton aboard who was also on board last two starts as well as all starts here dated back to 2008. A tough task here, never won on course or distance and opposed by Highland Valley, however the latter now up in weights and showing mild performance in his last so possibilities for Araldur to overpower this fav.

2nd @ 11/8

2.40 – #1 Battle Group Battle Group
Been away for a while but all in all shows good form in previous races. Much success in higher grades than opposing contenders Spirit Son and Cedre Bleu so should be able to over power them. No issue on the weights as used to carry such and proven to handle. Able on distance and with Tom Scudamore on board who’s been mount the 6 year old starting May 2010 and have fairly dealt 7 starts since then, all places and wins except for one, so a big plus here on the team up.

Finished 4th

4.10 – #3 Inside Dealer Inside Dealer
Course and distance winner and leading contender in this trial, top form in last 5 starts under grade 4 and 3 altogether. No issue on the weights as proven able under such, ridden by Joe Tizzard who’s been mount since the beginning of this 7 year old’s career except for one single start, had him will in his last 5 starts which were pretty much well conducted and successful winning twice and placing three times.

Finished 4th

Horse racing results not in our favor two losing picks and one 2nd placing.