Horse Racing Tips Week 08 2011

24/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
23/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
22/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
21/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
20/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results

24/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


3.15 – #6 Shifting Gold Shifting Gold
Course and distance winner, a Southwell player with good record here especially on distance. All latest races well conducted except for last over hurdles where coming 8th. Would appreciate coming back to familiar field after a two months break with Amy Ryan on board. Amy had  him in his latest starts which were all well played including a win here, previous performance of this team up also suggests their high chances in this trial. Weighted well and should cope, drawn wide but of no significance for him in this small race. Opposed by Luck Of The Draw the fav in this field who claims for a 4th timer.

1 point win 13/2 @ William Hill
3rd @ 4/1 -1 point

3.45 – #4 Fantasy Fry Fantasy Fry
Last race beaten by 3 lengths to 2nd by Honkers Bonkers the fav for this field, now weighted to pose a threat to him. Proved on distance and though rather inexperienced and yet to prove he’s worthy of following, shows a spark which cannot be ignored. Hayley Turner on board , same mount for the 3 year old’s 2nd in his last and should go well once more. So Is She N/R so more chances for him now.

1 point win @ 3/1 with William Hill
won @ 11/4 +1.75 point

4.20 – #1 Ace Of Spies Ace Of Spies
Course and distance winner. Coming a poor 5th in his last nevertheless performing fairly well of late and should be able to give a decent run here. Drawn well though seems to favor a wider draw but this a big race so draw is optimal, up in weights but proved under such in his previous races. Kirsty Milczarek on board again, a strong bond between the two with the continuity of their team up should deliver.

1 point win @ 10/1 with Bet365
3rd @ 7/1 -1 point

A total of 3 points staked on today’s horse racing tips
24/02/2011 horse racing results lead us to -0.25 points

23/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


2.20 – #3 South African Gold South African Gold
Course and distance winner in November, ran poor afterward but excuses and this a less tougher challenge for him. Usually shows improvement after running bad and chances are he’ll get back in form for this run. Drawn wide but proven to handle and this being a small runner race so not much significance to that, weighted nicely. Micky Fenton on board the 4 year old, two last starts on board in November fairly played and chances for this couple to deliver. Biggest threat is Clear Ice, Chjimes also poses danger however is infrequent in form and though dropped in grade, weights might be too tough on him.

1 point win @ 5/1 with William Hill
Finished 5th -1 point

2.55 -#12 Titan Diamond Titan Diamond
A young runner emerging to form only in his latest starts but seems as if he’s one to stay. Ran well in his last coming 2nd to Granny Anne by a neck, this race not tougher but with a large number of runners which might be of advantage for him as most runners surely don’t pose a threat to him. Up in weights and drawn wide, could hold him back from giving what he’s got to offer however coming off 20 days of absence and should be fresh enough to handle these conditions. Able on distance and with Racheal Kneller on board who’ve had him in his latest 2nd placing.

1 point win @ 6/1 with William Hill
Won @ 4/1 +4 points

4.30 – #7 Wanchai Whisper Wanchai Whisper
Course and distance winner, a fairly consistent sort who loves it here. Latest starts fair except for coming 9th in early January where not much effort on her behalf, but has managed to come back into form since then. Down in weights and drawn well which as a big plus for her, visor on again which seemed to have nothing but good affect on her in her last. Andrew Heffernan on board again, been mount the 4 year old many times before delivering very nice results so no reason why he should miss this chance with her.

1 point win @ 5/1 with Bet365
3rd @ 13/2 -1 point

5.05 – #5 Greenhead High Greenhead High
Emerged into form last month and dwelling on consistent performance under Jean Paul Guillambert since then. Does better in small races such as this, weighted well and has advantage over Joe La Taxi leaving him behind when both Beaten by Chevise. Jean Paul Guillambert on board once more, a team up from the start of his career and proving to be one which goes well.

1 point win @ 5/1 with Bet365
Came Last – 1 point

A total of of 4 points stakes on today’s horse racing tips.
22/02/2011 horse racing results – bank roll stays the same.

22/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


1.50 – #5 Stadium Of Lights Stadium Of Lights
Decent form of late and consistent in nature, able on distance which is his preferred trip distance. Drawn wide but a small race so of no significance, dropped in class and also dropped a bit in weights which gives him twice as room to breath and stretch his stamina. Top speed figures in the card, Barry McHugh on board once more, done fairly well with this 4 year old in 4 of out 5 last starts, now mount again and should be able to bring it home.

1 point win @ 3/1 with William Hill
2nd @ 11/4 -1 point

2.20 – #2 Eastern Hills Eastern Hills
Course and distance winner, performs better on fibersand than on polytrack so much expected of him today. Excuses for latest starts breaking a row of races ran into form, this time believed to have better chances. No issue on the draw, weighted same as last starts however should have by now become familiar with current weights so expected to carry them all the way through.  Robert Winston on board, thoguh coming last in his last team up shows a fair strike rate on the AW and for 4yo+ so can’t be excluded from shortlist.

1 point win @ 6/1 with William Hill
Finished 4th – 1 point

4.35 – #3 Naheel Naheel
Challenged Stanley Rigby in her last coming 2nd, now Rigby up in weights and with the pressure of landing a 5 timer looks as if he’s due to become a beaten favorite. Recently dropped in trip and seems to appreciate it giving a decent run in her last here, drawn in mid position and weighted nicely for this field as oppose to last two starts where failed miserably struggling under high weights.  Kirsty Milczarek on board, had him for three starts so far, two conducted well and one bit disappointing however given the right conditions this team up is capable of giving a show.

1 point win @ 5/1 with Bet365
Finished last – 1 point

5.10 – #1 Mister Frosty Mister Frosty
Done well in his last three starts and decent in previous starts. Likes Southwell and performing well in current trip distance, drawn low which would give him an edge over his likely opponents as they are all drawn wide. Weights a bit of issue, high in his standards but managed under these when braking maiden about a month ago so it’s possible he’s up for it carrying the weights. Luke Morris on board, first run for the team up and this spark of change suggests for a trainer’s change of approach, perhaps such that would lead to a win.

1 point e/w @ 8/1 with Bet365
Finished 8th – 1 point

A total of 4 points staked on today’s Horse Racing Tips
22/02/2011 horse racing results lead us to a -4 points

21/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


3.30 -#3 Johnny Hancocks Johnny Hancocks
A fair runner with a slight setback lately, hanging on mild performance in his latest starts at current grade but is capable of bouncing back as past form shows abilities in this mark. Able on distance and proved he’s able on course as well so chances for him to find juice after this much time without a win. Drawn low and weighted nicely,  two opposing runners Overwhelm and Restless Bay now significantly up in weights. James Sullivan on board and is due a win having mount the 3 year old in his last 4 starts so and now team up surely to land results.

1 point win @ 6/1 with William Hill
Came 4th – 1 point

4.00 – #4 Unlimited Unlimited
Excuses for latest run at Kempton where coming 9th as seemed to have it rough there, now back in favored field and under good conditions so big chances for him here. Drawn mid-wide, bit high on the weights but managed to carry more than current weight landing a 1st here two weeks ago.  Luke Morris on board, had him in latest starts including recent win, seems to bond well with the 9 year old especially at Wolverhampton. Past form suggests a bottom merge for this veteran runner as it has been all throughout his career.

1 point win @ 8/1 with William Hill
3rd @ 14/1 -1 point

5.00 – #3 John Potts John Potts
Four consecutive wins here at Wolverhampton before coming off a mild 5th in his last at Kempton, now back in the field he knows and loves so opportunities for this exciting runner. Running a far from being tough small runner race, as oppose to his last starts, weighted reasonably and should be involved given he will enjoy the track as he usually does. Kelly Harrison on board once more, same jockey responsible for the latest 4 timer at Wolverhampton and though coming 5th in the last still gave a worthy ride suggesting this couple has more to offer now.

2 point win @ 4/1 with Bet365
2nd @ 9/2 – 2 points

A total of 4 points staked on today’s Horse Racing Tips
21/02/2011 horse racing results lead us to a -4 points

20/02/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


2.50 – #2 Where's Susie Where’s Susie
Not a natural one to support in this race, however had a form spree during the last summer and should be able to bounce back. Able on distance, grade 5 veteran who showed decent performance in her last two starts. Now facing a less tougher challenge, drawn low and also dropped a bit in weights which should help her pull through. Facing Beat Route but this one has troubles of making it when drawn wide especially in Kempton so no real threat here. The real danger comes from Aather, a high grade hurdler drawn aside Where’s Susie and carries less weights than he is used to. Still chances for her to beat this race with George Baker on board who’ve had her in her last here running a decent 4th, past form shows a good bond between the two delivering nice results and and are likely to do so here as well.

2 point win @ 5/1 with William Hill
3rd @ 8/1  -2 points

3.20 – #7 Prince Charlemagne Prince Charlemagne
Tough races since his return this January and under new trainer, however his past form highly suggests he’s got what it takes to land this trial. Proven able on both course and distance and and may well be prepared for this run as previous starts shook the dust and rust off of him. Facing leaders which had good results under grade 6 and now up in grade so a bit of doubts on their abilities. Drawn well to engage and weighted reasonably.

1 point e/w @ 20/1 with William Hill
2nd @ 33/1  +3 points

3.55 -#6 Samarinda Samarinda
Course and distance winner, does well in claimers than handicaps but last try at handicaps landed a decent 4th. Will appreciate the extra furlong, drawn in mid and weighted well to engage this run. Micky Fenton on board once more, ridden the 8 year old many times before more than an any other jockey, also had him in his last 5 starts, landing decent results so this team up presents an edge. Trainer shows all stablemates running into form in the last two weeks so chances are for Samarinda to run into form as well and at least place.

1 point win @ 10/1 with Bet365
Finished 5th  -1 point

5.25 – #1 Dichoh Dichoh
Course and distance winner, in good form of late running under same grade and conditions as current race. Drawn well and weighted same as last run where 3rd so should be able to improve on his own form. George Baker mount the 8 year old, lead him twice in 6 recent starts as well as in past starts where showing decent form so chances for this team up here.

2 point win @ 6/1 with Bet365
3rd @ 5/1 -2 points

A total of 6 points staked on today’s Horse Racing Tips.
20/02/2011 horse racing results lead us to a -2 points