Horse Racing Tips Week 11 2011

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17/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
16/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
15/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
14/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results
13/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results

17/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results


7.45 – #2 Relative Strength Relative Strength
Not the strongest of them but facing less tougher conditions in this race and as others aren’t superior by much stands a good chance of getting involved. First run for new trainer Frank Sheridan who bears nice stats with his runners, fitted the 6 year old with tongue tie and blinkers for this run which should be considered a move not to overlook. Drawn lowest which will help though not as significant in this small field. Weights are the issue to address, last two runs struggled under heavy whereas now dropped significantly and hopefully will find this room to breath he desperately needed. Dropped in class and switched to claimers which should mark the end of his losing run. Booked with James Doyle, jockey shows encouraging stats for race conditions and all in all a decent jockey. Opposed by Visions Of Johanna which already done well in recent claimers and with Jamie Spencer on board pose a serious threat but with last run for this team up not turning up so well, a bit of a doubt for him in this race.

1 point win @ 11/4 with William Hill
Won @ 11/8 + 1 point

8.15 – #4 Apache RidgeApache Ridge
In top form of late, doing well in sellers under all sorts of race conditions, now one class up to 5 and running a handicapper but not without reasons. Course and distance winner and loves it here. Amy Ryan on board, had him many times and with good results, jockey shows good stats for race conditions, course and horse’s age alike. Drawn well and weighted to engage. No real threat here as most runners show inconsistency, could be opposed by Yungaburra howevercomes off a long leap of absence and doubts he’d stay on, Sir Nod which ran higher grades and now under Paul Hanagan nevertheless carries high weights and poorly drawn and Cavitie which gave a good run last time but now booked with an inexperienced jockey.

1 point win @ 5/1 with Bet365
Finished 9th -1 point

8.45 – #4 John Potts John Potts
Course and distance winner and in top form of late, definitely the proper time for him to go one class higher. Booked with Kelly Harrison once more, lead him well in recent starts with no doubt about the strength of this team up and its bond on the course. Not heavy on weights and carried such in previous runs, drawn bit wide but made clear he can handle such. Opposed by What’s Up Doc, no disgrace in his previous runs and with decent jockey on board however not a model of consistency. Also threatened by Needwood Ridge which won his maiden 50/1 probably due to tongue tie fitted  but no real evidence he can recreate last run.

1 point win @7/2 with William Hill
Won @ 3/1 +3 points

A total of 3 points staked for today’s horse racing tips.
17/03/2011 horse racing results lead us to +3 points.

16/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results

Southwell 1.55 – #6 Ace MasterAce Master
Consistent throughout the course of his last 6 starts and a prominent Southwell player. Excuses for his last where coming 4th as carried high weights and ran one furlong up his usual trip. Now dropped in weights and facing a 5 furlong trip, which many consider a worry, however no reason for him not to handle if made clear 6 furlong to his liking. On board is Jimmy Quinn which had him is his last three runs including a recent win here, team up should go well given current conditions. Opposed by Juarla, a major contender and probably the fav here, a top form runner with course and distance achievement which benefits a complimenting draw and a good Luke Morris on board. Nevertheless stats show he’s being held every time weights go up, this time dropped by a bit but still concern he’ll have a hard time carrying these. Also threatened by Kassaab which shows recent improvement and could very well be the danger here. Past stats show Ace Master superior to runners which left Kassaab far behind in a race where came 7th. Also seriously up in weights and doubt he’ll stay on.

1 point win @ 6/1 with Bet365
Won @ 4/1 + 4 points

3.05 – #1 Almahaza Almahaza
Course and distance winner, consistent in his last 4 winning two of them under current conditions. Up 10lbs but carries same weights as last 4 starts where performing fairly well, drawn bit wide but handled the same in his recent wins. Neil Chalmers on board and had him in on 3rd placing and one win here at Southwell under same conditions, no reason why this time up should not triumph once more. Opposed by Hill Tribe which gave brilliant running in his last two but now switched to lesser jockey. All stable mates for Almahaza ran to form in the last two weeks, a point of advantage for him in terms of trainer’s efforts.

1 point win @ 3/1 with Bet365
2nd @ 15/8 -1 point

4.25 – #3 Parahelion Parahelion
Yet to prove on fibersand but playing very well in his last 3 runs, shows abilities to handle distance, dropped one class down to 5, and in general consistent throughout his career,  all lead to his fair chances in this race. Booked with a strong jockey, Jack Mitchell which shows admirable stats in general and for race condition in particular. Only worry for this 4 year old are the high weights he’s been allocated for this run, hopefully his latest 2nd at Lingfield with 3lb less testify over his abilities to handle these weights. Opposes by Calculating, a course and distance winner and one which benefits suiting conditions.

1 point win @ 3/1 with William Hill
Won @ 3/1 + 3 points

A total of 3 points staked for today’s horse racing tips.
16/03/2011 horse racing results lead us to +6 points.

15/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results

1.20 – #3 Interchoice Star Interchoice Star
Course and distance under his wing, consistent and promising in his latest races beating the fav for this run and going very close to other runners also listed in the current race. Overpowered Where’s Reiley in his last Southwell run, benefited low weights and a complimenting draw while Where’s Reiley struggled a wide draw. This time drawn better however significantly up in weights,  not sure he’ll bear the weights keeping the margin of 9 lbs between him and Interchoice Star.  Was beaten by Final Salute beginning of February here, this time drawn better than him and with a differentiation of only 1 lb in weight. Adding to that Final Salute’s latest mild run and chances are Interchoice Star will overpower. Booked with Andrea Atzeni, rode him back in 2009 achieving a complimenting 3rd. Jockey shows good stats, both for course, distance and race type.

1 point win @ 4/1 with Bet365
Finished 4th -1 point

1.55 – #5 Ubenkor Ubenkor
Course and distance winner, all of his recent runs handicaps now racing claims and fair chances for him. Weighted generously as done well under higher terms, drawn fairly wide but made clear such draw would not hold him back from galloping forward. Consistent in nature running well one class higher than current in his recent races, now running class 6 claimer under easy weights so good chances for him. Opposed by Kipchack, a course and distance winner which did well last two starts and under Hayley Turner which had him in recent seller win. However seems to have his way in handicaps and sellers and not claimers for some reason. Booked for this ride is Tony Culhane, showing mild stats for course, distance and race type and booked for the second time only. Nevertheless an able jockey which should play well.

1 point win @ 3/1 with Bet365
Finished 5th -1 point

5.05 – #4 Carnac Carnac
Course and distance winner, consistent form in his recent starts and now dropped back to class 6 after coming a complimenting 3rd in a latest class 5 race. Booked under Nora Looby, last two times with her produced brilliant results. Jockey bears mild stats but shows a spark for racing distance in handicaps. Opposed by Beau Fighter which bounced back after refitted with cheekpieces under Dale Swift however yet to prove on course and distance, drawn wide and weighted heavily though only 2lb higher. Also threatened by Magic Haze which benefits a good draw and though heavily weighted, done well under such in recent runs.

1 point win @ 4/1 with William Hill
2nd @ 3/1 – 1 point

A total of 3 points staked for today’s horse racing tips.
15/03/2011 horse racing results lead us to -3 points.

14/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results

2.30 – #5 LepidoLepido
Troubles lately switched to chase but made good progress and remained consistent over his last three hurdle runs so all in all an able jumper. Back to chase now after a short break which is not common in jumpers, probably trainer spots his chances of getting involved here as finally came about adapting to chase. Ran to place at current course and if indeed gets over his chase mishaps then course handling is almost guaranteed. Able on distance and weighted reasonably. Jamie Moore on board once more, has a strong bond with the 7 year old leading him to place his latest hurdle run and also sharing the latest chase failures and should have by now learned from past experience how to handle the horse at such conditions. Jockey shows modest stats for both course and race type however far from being considered incompetent. Opposed by Manmoon, the only course and distance winner in the card which might bounce back his setback having recovered his recent falling and shameful 8th in his last two. However up in weights and not sure he will actually make this run.

1 point win @ 6/1 with Bet365
PU – 1 point

3.00 – #1 The Bishops Baby The Bishops Baby
Proven on distance and doing well on course in previous races, consistent in nature, knows his way in handicaps and should get involved here. Disappointing in his last but should be able to give good account here. Top weights but capable of handling. Opposed by Illysantachristina, a consistent on form contender who benefits low weights, running off her mark this time.

1 point win @ 10/3 with Bet365
Came 3rd – 1 point

5.00 -#8 Blazing Empress Blazing Empress
Done well in her handicap debut running a distance of 23 furlong, 2 furlong  less than current trip distance and with allocated weights dropped 5lb down though 2lb higher, should gallop forward. Gave good account in her previous starts suggesting her progressive manner. Aidan Colman on oard, had her in recent starts where coming 2nd and showing nice stats for both course and race type as well as in general. Opposed by Current Climate which also gave a good run on his handicap debut and now under Tom O’brien who surpasses Aidan Colman in terms of racing stats. However a serious spike in weights for this mark and an overall inconsistency could deny him of the finish line.

1 point win @ 3/1 with William Hill
PU – 1 point

A total of 3 points staked for today’s horse racing tips.
14/03/2011 horse racing results lead us to -3 points.

13/03/11 Horse Racing Tips and Results

2.05 – #5 Empire Builder Empire Builder
Not disgraced coming 3rd in his debut handicap hurdle and looks rather progressive to engage this run properly. Down in trip to 21 furlong where shown abilities on distance when coming 2nd at a Novice Hurdle at Leicester. Having done fairly well in debut handicap under tougher terms where running 26 furlong under relatively heavy weights whereas now slightly dropped in weights and down back to 2 furlong as mentioned, should have a chance of setting about his progressive notion. Booked under Andrew Thornton, not the brightest of them all, better on chase than hurdle however progression made with the 5 year old cannot be overlooked and stable mates all running to form strongly suggests he mounts a well prepared jumper. Seemingly Threatened by The Boss which if stays on could very well ruin chances but loses its edge as pulled up last time and now back up in weights. Biggest tangible threat comes from Deputy Dog which is marked as the possible fav for this run not without reasons as made similar progression and now under A P McCoy. Nevertheless faces its debut handicap and a carries a tough task at the weights.

1 point win @ 5/1 with Bet365
3rd @ 5/1 – 1 point

4.05 – #11 Lavenoak Lad Lavenoak Lad
Course and distance winner and consistent though struggling to win and landing either 3rd or 4th in his last starts. Still chances for him to prevail no running off mark. On board is Nathan Sweeney which had the veteran jumper early this year and managed a decent 3rd with him running above weights and 2 furlong down current distance. Jockey shows complimenting stats for chase races and though somewhat fresh in terms of the amount of runs, should be able to lead well here.

1 point e/w @ 11/1 with Bet365
3rd @ 9/2 -1 point

Market Rasen
2.50 – #2 Jack The Gent Jack the Gent
Proven on distance and very consistent of late, all latest starts running under the same conditions so should be able to give good account in this run. No change on the weights and despite regressing in his last run should bounce back. Barry Keniry on board, did well with the 7 year old in his last three starts and should be able to recreate this year’s early January magnificent run.

1 point win @ 11/4 with William Hill
Finished 5th

A total of 3 points staked on today’s horse racing tips.
13/03/2011 horse racing results lead us to -3 points.