Horse Racing Tips Week 50 2010

13/12/10 Horse Racing Tips and Results
14/12/10 Horse Racing Tips and Results
15/12/10 Horse Racing Tips and Results

16/12/10 Horse Racing


1.00 – #5 Majestic Ridge Silks Majestic Ridge
Good run 3 days ago, placed 2nd to Johnny Hancocks, beaten by head. Blinkers off for this run as oppose to last start, though it seems to aid his run, trainer probably trying new approach that should be taken in account here. Highest in RP rating and dwells on top speed figures. Able on A/W and trip distance.

Finished 8th

1.30 – #4 Opus Dei Silks Opus Dei
Placed last three starts in grade 5 races and beaten only by 3 lengths placing  3rd in his last here about two weeks ago, good form of late ever since dropped to Cl5. Weights slightly lowered than last three runs giving this 3 year old a bit more span of action to lead the way home. only one below Ubenkor on top speed and RP rating, suggesting he’ll stay paced with the favorite.  Jockey Michael Geran has only three starts under his wing, however placed them all, so a big chance for him here.

Came 3rd @ 11/4

3.30 – #4 Tres Froide Silks Tres Froide
Consistent form, Able trip distance exceeding this run, weights lowered and will benefit this 5 year old runner. Should cope with mid wide draw same as he did in his last at Wolverhampton where placed 3rd to Abulharith. Graham Gibbons who has good score on A/W and 4y0+, placed with Tres in his last at Wolverhampton.

Came 3rd @ 7/2


5.30 – #6 Dr Darcey Silks Dr Darcey
An R Hannon trained runner who’s been involved in higher grades at higher weights than current allocated, placed here in his last under same weights beaten 3rd to Ree’s Rascal by a length and a  quarter so good chance for him here as well. Able on course and distance and should cope with wide draw.

Finished 8th

7.00 – #2 Jack Smudge Silks Jack Smudge
Perfect form of late, last two at grade 3, won here and placed 3rd to Fifth Commandment beaten by half a length in his last two starts. Enjoys a perfect draw, able on course and distance and shows a progressive approach, probably well prepared for this run under allocated weights since running 21 days ago. Tom Queally teamed up, has good score on 2 year old and will surely know what to do with this magnificent colt.

Finished 7th

Could have gone better for our horse racing results on this.

15/12/10 Horse Racing Tips and Results


12.05- #3 Dream Of Fortune Silks Dream Of Fortune

Obvious contender for this race in excellent form of late. Coming 3rd two days ago at a grade 5 run now lowered in grade, weights dropped to 8-13 as oppose to last 5th grade run where 9-2, drawn low and is likely to be more than just in frame. Course and distance to his credit thanks to Tom Queally leading a win here same grade same trip about a month ago, a hint over the likely outcome for this magnificent runner.

Came 2nd @ 2/1

3.25- #6  Archie Rice Archie Rice

Placed to 2nd beautifully in his last two starts, showing improvement in form. Lowered in weights for this run and with last run here 2nd at higher weights this runner has more than just a chance to win this one. At top speed and top rated, trainer has 100% stable runners running to form in the last 14 days.

Won @ 11/4


5.25 – #7 Denton Ryal Denton Ryal

Mainly Hurdler, though showing signs of abilities in flats. In frame last three starts over and able on distance, placed 3rd here about 2 months ago at weights of 10-15 now lowered to 9-4 and will definitely benefit such drop in weights. Experienced in grades higher than current grade, mostly 3 and 4,  so drop in trip here will give her an advantage over other runners. Jamie Goldstein on board same as last three runs, obviously worked the horse recently enough to prepare her for this trial and will know how to lead the way to the finish line.

Came 9th

5.55 – #1 Angel's Pursuit Angel’s Pursuit

Experienced grade 1 runner, not in form of late but has excuses and landing his last here at grade 2. High rating and top speed figures and drawn to engage, same draw position as last run, slightly lowered in weights , proven over course and distance and should be more than just involved. Jimmy Fortune teamed up with this 3 year colt, and should be able to recreate his last race with Angle’s. R Hannon is trainer for this colt and has 15% strike rate with 3 year old apart from being a highly respected training figure. All factors pointing a possible win, betting forecasts suggests he’ll land around 5/1 – 9/1, best to go about an e/w.

Dead Heated 4th with Atlantic Story

6.25 – #3 Lyric Poet Lyric Poet

Last three starts here same grade so definitely chance for him to give a good proper run. Drawn rather high but will cope this position to push forward. Teamed up with William Carson who has ridden him exclusively for the last 6 months delivering excellent results ever since mounting on board this gelded 3 year old, this time around would be no different. Top rated in the card and highest in current top speed figures.

Came 4th of 6 runners

14/12/10 Horse Racing Tips and Results


12.55 – #2 Kumbeshwar Kumbeshwar

A long shot here, not the best of form in the card but definitely one that has a chance of landing in frame. His last run coming 4th at Cl5 suggests he might have extra powers for this run, weights hasn’t changed since that run here two weeks ago, so a definite edge on his side now dropped to Cl6 and with his form improving with every run, a small stakes bet will be appropriate here.

Won @ 9/1

Kumbeshwar is one of the greatest and most profitable horse racing tips I’ve had chance to nail.

1.55 – #6 Elusive Fame Elusive Fame

Among the three top rated in the card and the one with the highest top speed figures. Not a consistent contender however have had well conducted runs in higher grades and with higher weights so expected to get involved. Greg Fairley is on board this time, seem to know his way with the 4 year old placing him 5 times out of 8 starts and even landing a win, so definitely horse jockey team up that works.

Finished 3rd @ 11/1

2.25 – #2 Riflessione Riflessione

An experienced contender in the current class, consistent form of last six run landing in frame each time. Weights remain the same as last five runs, expected to overcome the weights obstacle this time and push through to win the race. Goes well with any form, and though yet to land a win here, he’s a veteran of Wolverhampton and already proven his abilities over distance. Jockey selection intriguing as jockey James Anthony Heffernan goes on board this 4 year old for the first time, and should hint about a possible new approach on the trainer’s behalf.

Finished 2nd @ 8/1

3.25 – #2 Ace Of Spies Ace Of Spies

Not promising  of late, however in frame last two starts at grade 5, now running grade 6. Knows A/W, ridden by Hayley Turner, who recently placed him here 3rd to Takajan and with weights slightly up compensated by drop in class ,should land a win under Turner.

Finished 5th

13/12/10 Horse Racing Tips and Results


2.15 – #6 Nicholas Pocock

placed here twice two last starts, very consistent on form and has great chances of landing in frame. The only contender among the leading in the card to have run a Cl5 race with a placing result. Draw is low middle and will pose no hold back on this agile runner who copes with any draw and has even one with the same draw postion given to him in this race. Weights remain same as last time where he 3rd placed and gives us a hint over the 4 year old abilities to win this race, overpowering his most significant opponents Dream Of Fortune and The Winged Assassin. A new jockey on board for the first time suggests trainer is confident enough to assign a jockey which hadn’t experienced riding the gelding before. Price is currently 8/1, expected to stay in that range, good for e/w.

Finished 2nd @ 7/2

4.20 – #2 Sleepy Blue Ocean Silks Sleepy Blue Ocean

Last run as a favorite coming 3rd, a promising runner over A/W, last two starts win and 3rd placing, jockey Luke Morris on board like last two runs. A veteran Cl6 runner, will benefit the draw position as already proven to handle such draw and with weights slightly dropped than last run and slightly above last win, the horse is believed to have very good chances of landing a win. Trainer has mounted the horse with cheekpieces for this race, and a 100%  stable runners running to form suggests trainer is going through some well made decisions regarding its runners. Top rated both at official and unofficial rating figures.

Won @ 10/3

4.50 – #5 Stormy Morning Silks Stormy Morning

Sort of consistency in his form, placed 2nd to Jezza here about a month ago, now lowered in weights drawn to engage better than last time and with leading contender Jezza up in weights should overpower the latter and land a win. Top speed figures at his side, experienced in higher grades and running distances and with Chris Catlin on board who already won with this 4 year old and should be able to recreate a winning run, this pick at the current price of 11/2 makes the best pick for this race.

Finished 5th

5.50 – #11 John Potts Silks John Potts

Won over course and distance here 9 days ago, and with weights only 3 lb higher than last time should be able to run to the full max. Cathy Gannon on board, same as last winning run here same grade and course and distance, suggests confident with this choice of jockey. Draw position is perfect and is one position lower than last run ans should give this 5 year old an advantage over other runners. Betting forecasts all suggest John Potts to remain in the boundaries of 8/1 which is a great price for such a promising runner. Nevertheless, he’s facing some tough rivals such as Bentley and Katami River and with more chances to place than win, an e/w is advised.

Non Runner

Not a bad outcome for our horse racing betting tipping section.