Breeder’s Cup Tickets

The Breeders’ Cup is one of the most attended events in the North American sport of horse racing, fifth in the list of the most attended horse racing events in North America, following the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. It is held at the beginning of November over a course of two days with 14 races taking place, more than 60,000 Breeders’ Cup tickets purchased by horse racing spectators and more than $25 million in winning prizes. The Breeders’ Cup attracts top class horse from North America and in recent years from Europe as well, especially the UK.

Buying  Breeders’ Cup Tickets
The hype around the Breeders’ Cup meeting usually starts around three to four months prior to the event, when the world of horse racing raises debates, discussions and assumptions over the horses aimed at the various races of the Breeders’ Cup and the chances of each horse to win his class. This is usually the time when Breeders’ Cup tickets become available for purchase, offered by ticket agencies and the course where the event is being held. Breeders’ Cup tickets’ prices are in accordance with the location of seat or viewing ground in the course and the additional on courses services offered to the Breeders’ Cup tickets buyers, services such as dining, free parking and hospitality. The Breeders’ Cup tickets price can be as low as $40 and as high as $8000 for spectators who wish to have the most comfortable, best viewing spot for the race.

Attending the Breeders’ Cup
The Breeders’ Cup event is held at a different location every year. Among the racecourses regularly hosting the Breeders’ Cup are Churchill Downs, Santa Anita Park, Belmont Park, Hollywood Park and many more. Horse racing enthusiast wishing to Breeders’ Cup should plan ahead in terms of booking Breeders’ Cup tickets in advance, seek for the necessary transportation arrangements and get familiar with the requirements of the event in terms of dressing codes and security measures. Most Breeders’ Cup attendees will purchase their Breeders’ Cup tickets in a package scheme; some will purchase a basic one or two attending package while some will purchase a whole package which includes transportation and lodging along with the Breeders’ Cup tickets. Booking in advance can always help reduce the expanses of the packages and tickets.